Wildix Integration with Salesforce Promises to Drive Sales

Posted on 2020-09-09 16:04:21

Pracedo Partner and customer Wildix has developed a new Salesforce integration designed to save time, increase productivity and boost workplace efficiency.

The Wildix app allows you to take outbound and inbound calls directly from Salesforce, allowing individuals to work securely from anywhere in the world which is especially important as we look towards the new normal. You can then create Contact records for unknown numbers and update existing Contacts who pop up automatically as the phone rings.

This cements Wildix’s place as a complete sales-results oriented communication tool, giving you the power to work from one platform and helping to create a single source of truth.

Full features for the Wildix integration with Salesforce Lightning include:

  • Click-to-call
  • Incoming call popup
  • Outgoing call popup
  • Dial-pad
  • Search bar for contacts
  • Auto-detect existing contact in Database
  • Auto-open existing contact for incoming and outgoing call
  • Create a contact of an unknown number via the popup window
The Wildix Integration inside of Salesforce

The Wildix integration works with both Salesforce Lightning and Classic giving you the flexibility to implement it in your Org with minimal changes.

The goal of Wildix is to provide effective sales and revenue results, putting the customers’ sales needs first, thanks to a global network of high-skilled professionals. Being certified by Salesforce is another result that shows our company direction.’

Steve Osler, Wildix CEO

Get in touch today with Pracedo to see how we can implement Wildix’s integration in your organisation to drive your digital transformation.

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