Launch Campaigns Faster with Salesforce CPQ & Billing | Webinar

Posted on 2020-09-01 10:20:23

Pracedo hosted a webinar alongside Salesforce looking at how you can launch campaigns faster with Salesforce CPQ & Billing in the Media industry. The webinar features a look at the current state of the Media industry as we look towards the fourth industrial revolution, a live demo of how CPQ & Billing can work for your organisation and our findings from working on projects with Media customers. Below are some key takeaways from the event or you can watch the full webinar by filling in this form.

Prior to COVID-19, the Media industry was already anticipating major digital disruption. The need to keep up with technology trends has only been made worse by the pandemic, and the need to pivot quickly to a digital approach.

With a flood of new business models, distribution channels, and content producers changing the Media industry, the businesses that are winning have figured out how to leverage data & technology at every step of the value chain.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing helps businesses transform outdated sales processes to build powerfully automated subscription models, as well as capturing accurate product and pricing information by enforcing automated guardrails. Clean data equates to better forecasts and visibility into revenue by product line or channel.

It also allows you to create scalable sales processes and gives power to the sales team by allowing them to configure complex deals fast, by unifying sales & finance data in one system to create better visibility across the entire customer lifecycle.

CPQ & Billing helps to provide your team with the flexibility to accommodate changing customer needs as they evolve over time making it a great tool for helping to deliver customer successes.

At Pracedo, we believe that CPQ is a powerful and exciting Salesforce product. It really helps elevate the sales process and opens a world of possibilities in terms of quoting, pricing and setting up products. No matter how simple or complex a company’s products, pricing or quoting may be, CPQ has a wealth of features and functionality to help optimise any company’s processes.

We looked at a customer case study during the webinar and explored how CPQ can help to optimise how a company manages its product catalogue in Salesforce.

Key Takeaways

  • Product management is a common sticking point for organisations.
  • CPQ features like Block Pricing and discounting by quantity simplify this experience.
  • This creates a more efficient process.
  • CPQ offers powerful subscription management and contracts.
  • The pro-ratio engine completes calculations around pricing to stop you turning to the calculator.
  • Contracts can be generated on closed deals to manage subscriptions and lifecycles.
  • Robust Renewals can be created that automatically adjust based on current products and requirements.

The beauty of utilising CPQ with Billing is how it allows the process to be streamlined, efficient and creates Salesforce as the single source of truth. Once a deal has been closed, an Order can be automatically generated, without needing to re-enter any product details, reducing effort and the risk of human error. From the Order, invoicing can then be managed and carried out from Salesforce and integrated with your finance system, along with tax calculations, revenue recognition and payment management all from Salesforce if you wish!

Rickash Goolab (Pracedo Consultant)

When it comes to implementing Salesforce CPQ & Billing for your organisation Pracedo are a great fit. We have a proven track record of working on CPQ projects with Media customers alongside our CPQ projects in other industries such as UNiDAYS and Concentra.

Don’t let manual and tedious sales processes become a bottleneck to your growth! Fill in the form below to watch the full webinar now and get in touch!