How to Build Interactive Emails in Marketing Cloud | Webinar

Posted on 2020-06-05 09:22:36

Our Marketing Cloud team hosted a webinar with a focus on how to build interactive emails in Marketing Cloud, talking our attendees through the process.

Earlier in 2020 Marketing Cloud released a new email block called the ‘Email Interactive Form’, which gave email recipients a new way of engaging with emails. The block allows users to complete the desired outcome directly from the email without being redirected to a targeted landing page.

How to build interactive emails in Marketing Cloud | A graphic explaining what an interactive email is

Marketing Cloud gives you a head start by providing these Interactive Email standard templates:

  • Reviews – allow subscribers to provide a review and/or rating
  • Progressive Profile – update subscribers preferences to create more personalised experiences
  • Case Form – allow subscribers to create or update a support case
  • Lead Form – capture or update information from your lead

Interactive emails present a great opportunity for marketers to increase their engagement metrics. The interactive content has cut down on the number of clicks required to fulfil an action, which is improving engagement across emails and allowing you to drive actions easier with increased interactivity to encourage powerful journeys.

This increased engagement will allow marketers to collect more of their most valuable resource, data. It’s especially useful for progressive profiling and submissions will be able to initiate cross-cloud actions or trigger responses with personalised content.

How to build interactive emails in Marketing Cloud | A break down of the elements of an interactive email

Unfortunately, this block doesn’t render universally, so you need to look at your subscriber list and consider whether or not this will provide a consistent experience for everybody. Outlook is an email provider that doesn’t render the interactive email block, so if your list is mostly Outlook addresses it might not be worth running an interactive email campaign.

To help make sure that your email can be rendered across as many platforms as possible keep the design of your block simple. Complex designs can be less accessible for a reader and are less likely to be rendered correctly.

You should always set up some fall back content just in case the email doesn’t render correctly. This involves creating an alternative view of the email which is dynamically shown when the interactive content can’t be read by the email platform.

You could have the block completely collapse so no content is shown or you could include a different block that has a link to a landing page. Make sure to monitor the success and frequency of fall back content and makes changes as you go.

By following these steps you can learn how to build interactive emails in Marketing Cloud and create wonderful looking emails like this.

How to build interactive emails in Marketing Cloud | An example of an interactive email

For a full demonstration on how to build interactive emails in Marketing Cloud fill in the form below and let us talk you through building your first interactive email.