Wear It Pink Day!

Posted on 2019-11-15 10:44:40

Pracedo celebrated Wear It Pink Day to raise awareness about breast cancer. The event, organised by Emanuela Azzarello included ‘best dressed’ and ‘best bake’ prizes as well as an evening screening of Mean Girls.

Emanuela spoke about her motivation for hosting events like this, ‘awareness is so important. In particular, by sharing information on symptoms, we can really help the detection of cancer in its early stages, which is when we’ve got most chance to treat it and survive it. If Pink Day has started a buzz and raised awareness in even only one person, a colleague, or a friend of a friend by word of mouth, then we’ve won.

She has also created the infographic below which highlights the symptoms and some prevention methods. Please save this and share.

Pracedo's Breast Cancer Awareness Infographic