Take Your Marketing Success To The Next Level With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Although having an in-depth comprehension of your customers is crucial for marketing success, more than 40% of marketers still don’t have unified marketing data at hand to analyse.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to assign specific marketing tasks to different team members and gain intelligent insights about your customers’ behaviours with AI-driven analytics. This, in turn, promises greater performance of all your marketing activities and an ability to use data to transform your customer experience.


In this article, we’ll explore how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you take your marketing to the next level.

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What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a platform that allows you to understand and engage with your customers throughout their entire journey with your organisation. It has marketing automation capabilities and predictive data analytics tools which help your marketing team provide personalised experiences for your customers across all channels, including email, social media, web and other digital advertising. These analytics tools enable you to obtain customer engagement insights to analyse and report on your marketing performance.

You can also create unique customer journeys for different audiences and leverage performance insights to ensure every customer touchpoint is relevant and unforgettable. Marketers can further use an application called Automation Studio, to create and manage automation activities such as sending emails and importing files.

How does Salesforce Marketing Cloud guarantee your business’ marketing success?

With the many tools under its belt, Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help your organisation to achieve marketing success. Below we’ll explore two ways it can help build your business’ success.


1. Conveniently assign marketing task roles with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud roles feature

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to efficiently assign tasks and roles within your marketing team, which leads to increased productivity and maximised task management overall. This specific feature is referred to as Salesforce Marketing Cloud roles. With this feature, you can customise accessibility accordingly, where each user in your marketing team will only be able to access specific areas that relate to their job requirements. In terms of roles provided, there are five standard roles and specific permissions that enable different users to perform marketing tasks.


These five standard roles include:

  • Marketing Cloud Administrator: The administrator is in charge of the overall performance management of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. The user has the responsibility of assigning adequate roles to all other users and managing media applications, such as user access requests, generating marketing reports, and troubleshooting account configuration.
  • Marketing Cloud Viewer: Users with this role are responsible to analyse cross-channel marketing activities. By monitoring the performance of your marketing activities, you gain insights into which areas of your marketing efforts still have room for improvement.
  • Marketing Cloud Channel Manager: The channel manager manages cross-channel marketing campaigns. This role also comes along with admin rights to create and edit the various Marketing Cloud journeys.
  • Marketing Cloud Security Administrator: The Security Administrator is responsible for ensuring the security of settings and user activity alerts. The user with this role guarantees the security of your entire Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform.
  • Marketing Cloud Content Editor/Publisher: The Content Editor is responsible for creating and presenting messages through channel apps like mobile and websites. Users with this role can also build Marketing Cloud journeys.

It’s crucial that your Salesforce Marketing Cloud users are familiar with each individual task and the respective permissions when assigning roles to your Marketing team members. With these specific roles, every marketer can support your organisation’s marketing efforts in executing their tasks with greater focus and an enhanced workflow.


If you’re concerned about the roles not being sufficient enough for your current marketing team, Salesforce Marketing Cloud will also allow you to create a role with your own customised set of permissions. With that, you can select and assign specific user permissions tailored to your team’s needs.

2. Gain valuable customer data insights to improve your marketing efforts with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Another key benefit of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the ability to optimise your data management and analysis. With the help of two tools – Analytics Builder and Datorama – you can conduct invaluable data analysis to generate useful insights into your marketing activities. The insights gained can then be incorporated into your marketing strategy, allowing your team to achieve all marketing-related goals with greater success.


Analytics Builder
You can improve your strategy and planning process with Salesforce Marketing Cloud by implementing effective analysis. Analytics Builder is a valuable Marketing Cloud tool that allows you to collect insights into the behaviours and interests of your customers across your existing media channels. By gaining these insights, you can adjust marketing initiatives and assets to help ensure that you have optimum campaign performance.


Analytics Builder helps you to see insights into your customers’ engagement for example email campaigns, clicks, purchases and interactions. This customer data can then be analysed in the form of tables, charts and graphs, to better understand campaign performance. Moreover, you can also use these collected data to create predictive models, such as decision trees, which can help you plan and create tailored content as well as identify what drives the greatest engagement from your audience.


If you’re a big fan of using data reports for regular updates, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud has got your back: The platform provides standard reports which give you complete control over when you would like the report to be made. You can set it manually every time or schedule it to process automatically.


Within Salesforce, you can determine the accessibility of different teams or users within your organisation, so you don’t need to worry about who can access these reports.


Aside from the Analytics Builder tool, Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides another data report solution. Datorama Reports enable you to generate and share analysis of your email, push and campaign-level data. It’s an invaluable data analysis tool as it facilitates data comparison. This enables you to discover customer trends and behavioural patterns – all organised and accessible in one custom report.

Take your organisation’s marketing efforts to the next level with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Enhancing your business’ marketing can prove to be a tedious effort. If you want to make it an easier process to increase your marketing initiatives’ success, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud is your go-to solution. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can obtain full control of the creation and management of all your marketing efforts. Begin your journey today and experience maximised workflow and task management within no time.

As both an expert and a Summit (Platinum) Salesforce consulting partner, we understand the challenges of implementing the right digital solutions for your organisation. That’s exactly why we provide our customers with consultation sessions that answer all your questions and guide you through the implementation process on every step of your Salesforce journey.

To learn more about how Pracedo can assist you in getting started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, get in touch with us today to schedule a call with one of our Marketing Cloud consultants.


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