Strengthen Customer Relationships With Salesforce Case Management

As the renowned business author Michael LeBoeuf once said, “having a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”


Considering how much it takes for your business to gain a customer, it’s daunting to realise that you can easily lose them within seconds if their experience with your organisation is unpleasant in any way. This is where Salesforce Case Management comes in. Salesforce Case Management helps you keep your customers happy from the start by centralising your customer’s data, conveniently managing customer cases, ensuring maximised data security and working with customer-specific case plans.


This article will explain how you can strengthen your customer relationships in various ways with the help of Salesforce Case Management.

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What is Salesforce Case Management?

Salesforce Case Management is a feature within Salesforce Service Cloud that assists organisations in managing long-term customer cases, such as creating case plans and tracking goals. With Salesforce Case Management, you can manage customer data more efficiently – thanks to its extensive data collection, automatically assigned cases, and so much more.

Salesforce Case Management allows you to offer your customers a more personalised service to achieve their goals, while ensuring their data remains private and secure.

How does Salesforce Case Management help strengthen customer relationships?

With a great range of features, Salesforce Case Management helps you to provide better customer service, which can help to strengthen your relationship and build brand loyalty. Let’s explore how…

Manage your customers’ data with a single source of truth

Salesforce Case Management organises all your customers’ information in one place, e.g. their name, address, and DoB. When accessing a customer’s contact page, Salesforce Case Management shows you all relevant details upfront. Additionally, Salesforce Case Management allows you to see all your customer’s interactions in a chronological timeline, located in your Salesforce newsfeed. With the ability to view your customer’s activity based on time, you can recognise and attend to the most recent updates. This facilitates an easy-to-access and effortless experience for both your team and customers.

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For the customers that require extra attention or help, Salesforce Case Management will also send you alerts. This will notify your team when an action is required to take care of a customer’s needs. Apart from tracking customers’ activities, you can also attend to your customers’ needs effectively, providing a 360-degree view of your customers at any time.

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With all of your customers’ information stored in a system, your business can provide tailored services to meet customers’ needs and enjoy the benefits of maximised data management.

Automatically assign cases to the right agent

Within Salesforce Service Cloud’s Case Management, you will also have access to Case Assignment Rule that can help you assign cases to the appropriate agent in no time. This will save you valuable time and ensure that your customers always receive the best possible support. This specific feature allows you to create a rule that allows cases to be automatically routed to the right agent or team. For example, you can route cases based on the customer’s location or the type of case. So when a new case comes in, Salesforce’s Case Assignment Rule automatically routes it to the right support agent based on your configured criteria. With the help of Salesforce’s Case Assignment Rule, you can help resolve cases more quickly and efficiently, which is great for both customers and agents.

Gather valuable customer feedback with professional surveys

Aside from enhanced case management, Salesforce Service Cloud’s Case Management enables you to conveniently gather customer feedback. From these insights, you can then drive business analytics and improvements for your organisation.

In Salesforce Service Cloud’s Case Management, you also have the ability to create customer surveys to gather customer satisfaction data for assigned agents to handle customer cases more efficiently. With the available Case Auto-Response Rule tool, you can even configure the program so that it sends your surveys immediately after certain events or activities occurred. However, if you don’t want to automate this process, your agents can manually forward the survey to their customers.

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In order for the Case Auto-Response tool to successfully evaluate customers’ responses, you need to implement a scoring system. An example of a potential scoring system you can use is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which allows you to produce a numerical result based on the customer satisfaction survey. Once you have finalised the content and look of your survey, you can then send it to your customers via email invitation. By implementing the Case Auto-Response Rules tool, you can gain valuable insights into your customers’ experience and what you can improve when handling customer cases.

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Ensure maximised customer data security

Ensuring data security is crucial, especially when your customers’ details are involved in the process of your work. With Salesforce’s security, you can guarantee that customer information remains safe and confidential, as all users within the organisation have their unique login. You can further determine data access for your team members through available account roles and permission settings. This means that every case management admin within your team will have access to different data, tailored to their needs and specific tasks.

Ayesha Quote: Salesforce Case Management provides six out-of-the-box permission sets to optimise data security. These sets refer to the various available permission types, comprising specific access requirements. This ensures that only your authorised team members can add, change or view specific customer information as per their qualifications and tasks.

Having such reliable customer data management in place, you can build a trusted space for your customers, enhancing relationships from the core.

Create tailored case plans for your customers

With Salesforce Case Management, you can create goals and action items for your customers based on their information within a case plan. A case plan assists your team in designing an approach on how to address each of your customers’ needs. You can create various goals for each customer and add action items required to achieve that respective goal.

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If you create a case plan from scratch, Salesforce Case Management offers a standard range of goals you can choose from. However, if your team has a goal plan which is too broad and doesn’t match your organisation, you can customise it accordingly.

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This customisation process also applies to action items required to achieve a specific goal. By developing goals and action items for a case plan, you can create a holistic plan for your customers. Such case plans allow you to have a better understanding of what your customers need, making it easier to help them through their journey.

Start maximising your data management and customer relationships today

If you want to ensure that your customers have a seamless and satisfactory experience with your business throughout their journey, Salesforce Case Management is exactly the platform you need.

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