Maximise Your Stakeholder Relationships With Experience Cloud

In today’s digital world, getting business stakeholder interactions and experiences right are critical for long-term success. Salesforce Experience Cloud – previously Community Cloud – empowers you to deliver customer-first experiences anywhere, at any time.


This blog explains what Salesforce Experience Cloud is, how it benefits your organisation and – most importantly – how it guarantees a great overall experience for your key stakeholders.

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

To date, countless organisations of every size have created new stakeholder experiences with Salesforce Experience Cloud to interact with their customers, partners, and employees. These companies include Papa Murphy’s, Centrica, Philips, Toyota, CPR, Virgin America Airlines, Global University Systems and more.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is an online, social platform that allows organisations from all industries to build their own, branded communities where they can connect stakeholders, business data and work records with each other. It offers a personal and digital experience and is most commonly used within the retail, BFSI and health care industry, with growing popularity in the Nonprofit space too.

Salesforce Experience Cloud features enable your team to streamline and extend key business processes across all business verticals, as well as outward to customers and partners.

What can you achieve with Salesforce Experience Cloud?

Salesforce Experience Cloud users benefit from numerous powerful features that help maximise stakeholder relations and community experiences:

Build a community fast, easily and with your branding

The community builder provides pre-built templates with which you can build sites, portals and forms faster than ever before. With clicks or code components, you can flexibly launch and adapt user experiences that suit your business’ needs, and scale a broad ecosystem of easy-to-use tools, powerful AI and world-renowned apps. You can also modify the appearance and feel of your experience at any time, as well as add your brand to ensure an integrated appearance on all platforms.

Since Experience Cloud allows you to integrate data from any source – be it Salesforce, third parties or legacy sources – you can also harness the full power of your data by connecting it to your community cloud leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns and custom objects.

Create digital, customer-first experiences

Once your Salesforce Experience Cloud community is up and running, you can engage with customers through your interactive sites, apps and portals, which are tailored to your business and industry.

With all your data in one place, you can make it easy for customers to access their data and create personalised content for every individual. This might include content created based on someone’s interests, needs and behaviour. Since all experiences are 100% mobile optimised, you won’t have additional development costs but can keep on track with the latest digital customer technology trends.

Connect and empower your stakeholders in numerous ways

Take your business services to the next level by creating rich, self-service experiences for:


  • Your customers by providing a resources corner with FAQs or by integrating your e-commerce platform and enabling customers to discover and buy products all in one place. With these self-service experiences, you allow your customers to connect with each other to troubleshoot issues and share more resources with each other. This frees up your service agents to concentrate on more complex issues.
  • Your business partners such as resellers, distributors, partners, and volunteers. By sharing business data, comprising dashboards and reports, you can provide third parties with valuable insights about your business (i.e. deals, sales pipeline) and maximise channel management. This positively impacts your business’ sales as a whole.
  • Your employees by creating internal, branded communities. Internal communities have proven to increase productivity and engagement, as files (i.e. expense reports, training materials, etc) can be stored in one single source of truth as well as groups for different activities or tasks can be created.

For all types of stakeholders, you can share as much or little data as you wish.

Track and optimise your community experience

With the help of customisable dashboards in the Experience Cloud workspace, you can measure, analyse and optimise your stakeholders’ experience based on valuable user insights.

How companies can use Salesforce Experience Cloud

Common Experience Cloud use case examples

Now that we’ve outlined what Experience Cloud is and what it can do for your business and stakeholders, we’d like to provide an overview of just some of the ways companies are using it. Businesses might use Experience Cloud to engage with a myriad of audiences. Some of these include:


  • Internally: for the HR team or when onboarding new employees
  • Externally for customers: To integrate self-help, FAQ and live agent case creation
  • Externally for partners: To sell or close deals, enabling re-sellers as partners, so they have a place to collaborate and close deals together
  • Externally for partners and investors: To give them visibility into the company and where it is at from a strategic point of view

The benefits of Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce’s Experience Cloud offers various benefits for both your organisation and your stakeholders. Some benefits that you might realise include:

  • Providing personalised experiences to encourage community participation, leading to increased onsite engagement and greater stakeholder satisfaction overall.
  • Saving money and resources as Experience Cloud is 100% mobile-optimised – so you won’t need to build a separate mobile component that would significantly increase your costs.
  • Easily scaling your ideas and audiences by creating multiple branded communities that represent your company and that are optimised for specific use cases.
  • Being able to track your community’s success through its standard dashboard, ROI and activity so that you can grow and optimise your community as you need to

Implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud for your business

Would you like to build powerful, branded communities for your business and maximise your stakeholders’ experience? If the answer is yes, Salesforce’s Experience Cloud seems like a great solution for you.

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