Small Business CRM: What To Look For

Posted on 2015-09-09 15:30:12

Many of our clients belong to emerging, small businesses and have either found their organisations on the cusp of expansion or are actively trying to grow in size and scope.

One of the most common pain points we hear from our small business clients is about workload and time management; they need to increase efficiency to grow, but still maintain their high-quality, personal relationships with customers. The scenario is a common one: data is stored in multiple locations, excel spread sheets seem to multiply and get larger exponentially, customer information is out of date or missing, employees spend a significant amount of time trying to stay organised, and all tasks (simple and complex) are done manually.

This might sound familiar if you work for a small business. These problems don’t seem as pressing when you have a few customers or have a modest product list. But these issues can prevent your business from growing.

The good news is that CRM tools address all of these issues so that you can spend more time cultivating leads, developing strategy, or communicating with your clients. In short, CRM makes your life easier so your organisation can thrive.

I recently read a brief but accurate article called “What small business should look for in a CRM.” As an emerging business owner, I found these points relevant to my own experience with Pracedo. And we’ve seen them to be relevant to our clients as well. Not only are we Salesforce consultants, we also use Salesforce to manage our own client relationships.

Below are the CRM benefits outlined in the article and my favourite points from each.

1) Contact Management

“CRM helps businesses treat every customer as though he or she were their only customer.”

2) Integrated Communication

“Without the ability to communicate effectively between salespeople and across departments, you run the risk of doing the same work twice — or not at all — which can be devastating for small businesses with limited resources.”

3) Real-Time Data Analytics

“Time is money, so make sure that you have a CRM that saves you both by gathering and evaluating vital information in real time.”

4) Cloud-Based Access

“For many small business leaders, the real work is done while on the run, via laptop computers, mobile smart devices, and any WiFi signal that might be available.”

5) Simplicity/Customisation

“The best CRM is the one that gives you exactly what your small business needs, and doesn’t waste your time with superfluous bells and whistles.”

Pracedo offers Salesforce CRM implementation and training for emerging, small businesses. If your organisation is ready to take the next step, please contact us to start the conversation.