Salesforce System Administrators Update: New Permission

Posted on 2015-05-18 15:12:20

Here’s an important Summer ’15 update from Salesforce: If you are a Salesforce system administrator, you no longer have to raise a case with customer service to open the permission to log in as any user in your org. Any admins with the “Manager Users” permission can log in as any user immediately once Summer ’15 is released

What does this mean for you?
If you are a Salesforce system administrator it means you will have greater and easier access to perform the unique tasks that require logging in as another user.

The most common scenario for this feature is when a user needs help trouble-shooting (he/she can’t access a record, a workflow isn’t firing, etc.). The system admin can log in as that user, find the problem, and provide a solution. This new update allows system admins to immediately take action, which has very real benefits, such as increasing productivity of the sales team or protecting against revenue loss.

This change is automatic, but you will need to enable this setting on the user profile of any system admins that you want using this feature.

Here is the official statement from Salesforce

“After the Summer ’15 release, administrators will no longer have to open a case with Customer Support to activate the “Administrators Can Log In As Any User” setting. Any administrator with the “Manage Users” permission will be able to control the setting directly from their org. Note: The setting will be set to “OFF” by default; administrators will still need to enable it. When this setting is enabled, administrators can log in as any user in their organization without asking end-users to grant login access.”

We’ll be posting more useful updates from Summer ’15 in the coming weeks.

-The Pracedo Team