Salesforce Platinum Partners | What makes Pracedo Platinum?

Posted on 2020-09-18 15:47:16

Pracedo are an award-winning Salesforce Platinum Partner, which means that we are one of the leading Consultancies when it comes to implementing Salesforce.

What makes us a Salesforce Platinum Partner?


It is important for us to have a wide range of certifications that help us to deliver great quality projects. At Pracedo we specialise in the platform, and as well as holding 90 certifications in core Salesforce products such as Sales, Service and Community, we also have specialists in the wider platform including Marketing Cloud, CPQ and Field Service Lightning.

We also need to continue to earn new certifications every year to prove that we are continuing to learn and to up-skill our team. Salesforce has multiple upgrades per year in different products, and Pracedo recognise that learning never stops when it comes to the platform! Salesforce are looking for us to have a high number of certifications across different clouds to make sure we are equipped to help our customers.

CSAT Score

The CSAT score is a customer satisfaction score which is awarded to us based on feedback we get from our projects. After completion we ask our customer to fill in a survey which is administrated by Salesforce to let them know how well we have done.

On the Salesforce AppExchange Pracedo is rated 5* out of 5

The surveys consist of 10 questions where you are asked to rate us out of 5*. On the Salesforce AppExchange Pracedo is rated 5* out of 5*, this means our customers agree that we deliver excellent projects with real tangible results. A high CSAT score is integral to becoming a Salesforce Platinum Partner You can read about our successful projects by visiting our Customer Success Stories.

Pledge 1% Model

We have committed to the 1% Pledge. This means we give 1% of our companies Time, Product and Profit back to our wider community.

The Pledge 1% Model that's needed to be a Salesforce Platinum Partner

All Salesforce Platinum Partners must sign up to the Pledge 1% model and we have jumped at the opportunity by working on pro bono projects throughout the year for some of our non-profit customers. We also give all employees paid volunteer time off to let them pick a non-profit that is close to their heart, and volunteer there for 3 days every year. On top of this, we donate 1% of our profits to charitable causes.

What partner should you choose?

You should chose the Partner that feels like the safest pair of hands, and with 117 reviews, 90 Certifications, 28 Certified experts employed here and a 5* rating across the board, find out if Pracedo is also the best choice for your business and get in touch today.