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We understand that Salesforce is not just a product; it’s the foundation for your business’s growth and efficiency. Our Salesforce Managed Services ensure that Salesforce scales with your business, providing continuous optimisation, support, and innovation.

Strengthen Your Salesforce Team with our Expertise

Why Salesforce Managed Services?

Unlocking the true potential of Salesforce demands a team of skilled professionals who can adeptly navigate its constantly evolving terrain. This is where our Salesforce Managed Services come in – a flexible and scalable solution that acts as your dedicated in-house team of Salesforce consultants. They propel your business forward and fortify your workforce with their deep Salesforce expertise. With our Salesforce Managed Services, the hassle of hunting for rare Salesforce talent becomes a thing of the past. Your path to Salesforce success is now smoother than ever.

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What are Salesforce Managed Services?

We run & refine salesforce

Salesforce Managed Services are a proactive approach to managing your Salesforce environment. It includes ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements to ensure that your Salesforce platform continues to meet your business needs. We run and refine your operations, ensuring ongoing improvement and sustained outcomes.  Expect ongoing support, meticulous maintenance, and strategic enhancements tailored to unlock the full potential of Salesforce, driving significant business growth.

Ongoing Enhancements and Optimisation

Future-ready Managed Services

From within your organisation, our consultants will implement ongoing enhancements that will refine and optimise your Salesforce ecosystem. As your business evolves, so will your Salesforce platform. From fine-tuning workflows to integrating new features, and developing custom tweaks, they’ll ensure that your Salesforce environment aligns perfectly with your evolving needs. The outcome? Improved efficiency, streamlined processes, and a Salesforce solution that continually adapts to keep your business at the forefront of innovation.

Salesforce Managed Services

Our Offering

Leave the intricacies of Salesforce to our experts, so you can focus on what matters most. Click each service to see how our Salesforce Managed Services benefit your business.

Strategically sculpt and grow your organisation with Salesforce. With us planning out your roadmap, every step you take is a confident leap towards achieving your business goals.

Tackle technical debt, put unused features to work, and turn missed opportunities into wins. We’ll optimise your system to work for you, and evolve your system with best practice.

Address specific business needs with custom development to help you get the most out of your Salesforce as you evolve.

As your business evolves, your Salesforce will too. We’ll manage your backlog refinement, streamline your business processes and oversee continuous delivery so you can provide more transparency to your leadership and beyond.

Tailor-made reports and dashboards crafted uniquely for your unique organisation by your dedicated consultant will make sure you always have your finger on the pulse. 

Never wait for updates again, as you’ll have real-time support at hand. Your dedicated consultant will make sure your Salesforce is always operating at its best by utilising new Salesforce updates, monitoring existing integrations, troubleshooting challenges and crafting custom API integrations to connect new systems.

Help your teams to trhive with our technical knowledge, as developers, as coders and as industry experts

Build a Center of Excellence (COE) that keeps you firmly on the path to your goals. With our Salesforce expert in your organisation, you can be sure to build an effective structure that your Salesforce evolution with your business strategy. 


When challenges arise, our expert team is ready to swiftly identify and resolve issues, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. With a proactive approach, we not only address existing problems but also work diligently to prevent potential roadblocks in the future.

When might Salesforce Managed Services be right for You?

When is the right time?

We understand that every business has unique needs. Salesforce Managed Services can be a powerful tool, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? Here are some customer scenarios where Pracedo’s Managed Services can help you realise real value.

 The initial Salesforce implementation served you well, but as your business scales, you find it cumbersome and lacking in functionality. You might expect Pracedo to:

  • Streamline workflows and automate manual processes to boost team efficiency.
  • Integrate Salesforce with other business applications, creating a seamless data flow.
  • Develop custom solutions to address your specific needs and challenges.

You might have a basic understanding of Salesforce, but lack the advanced knowledge to unlock its full potential. Pracedo can provide:

  • A dedicated team of certified Salesforce consultants who can optimise your platform.
  • Ongoing training and support to empower your team and get the most out of Salesforce.
  • Proactive maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure your Salesforce instance runs smoothly.

You implemented Salesforce, but haven’t achieved the results you anticipated. Pracedo’s Managed Services can help you:

  • Identify areas for improvement and optimise your Salesforce configuration.
  • Develop data-driven strategies to improve lead conversion rates and sales efficiency.
  • Generate custom reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure the impact of your Salesforce investment.

The Salesforce platform evolves rapidly, and keeping up with the newest features and functionalities can be a challenge. Pracedo can:

  • Stay ahead of the curve on Salesforce updates and ensure your platform is always optimised for the latest capabilities.
  • Implement new features and enhancements that align with your evolving business needs.
  • Proactively address potential issues arising from platform updates.

These are hypothetical scenarios, and the specific benefits you experience will depend on your unique situation. However, Pracedo has a proven track record of helping businesses overcome common challenges and achieve significant results with Salesforce.

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Why it Matters

Stats on Efficiency and Streamlined Processes

Keeping your Salesforce platform optimised through ongoing enhancements isn’t just about keeping up with the latest features – it’s about driving real business results. Here’s a look at some compelling *statistics that showcase the impact of having a well-run automation system.

Increased Productivity

A recent study revealed that over 90% of workers surveyed said automation solutions – a key aspect of ongoing enhancements – increased their productivity. This means your team spends less time on repetitive tasks and more time focusing on high-value activities.

Enhanced Collaboration

The same study found that 85% of workers reported that automation tools boosted collaboration across their teams. Ongoing enhancements can automate information sharing and process flows, fostering smoother teamwork and communication.

Improved Accuracy and Decision-Making

Nearly 90% of respondents expressed trust in automation solutions to reduce errors and accelerate decision-making. Ongoing enhancements like data cleansing and optimisation can lead to more reliable information, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

By proactively refining your Salesforce platform through ongoing enhancements, you can unlock these benefits and propel your business forward with greater efficiency, streamlined processes, and empowered teams. Our Salesforce Managed Services ensure your platform stays optimised, allowing you to reap the rewards of continuous improvement.

What our Customers Say

Hear it from our customers

Our Salesforce Managed Services give you the proactive support you need to keep your business running smoothly and securely. This is what our customers have to say about our work.

Our Approach

How Salesforce Managed services deliver success

Adopting a proactive approach, we focus on foreseeing and addressing potential issues to secure long-term success in Salesforce, crafting our Salesforce Managed Services to align perfectly with your specific business requirements. Our expertise lies in enhancing your operations to boost efficiency and productivity, ensuring sustainable outcomes. We collaborate closely with your team, transferring knowledge to bolster your in-house skills for enduring success. As partners in your journey, we stand committed to supporting your organisation’s continuous evolution, navigating changes as one unified team to fulfil your ambitions and deliver lasting results.


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Our team of Salesforce specialists collaborate directly with your teams to co-create customised solutions.

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We assemble bespoke teams of specialists for each project, capable of operating from our office or yours.

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Our Salesforce Managed Services support you when you need it, short term or for continuous delivery.

Commonly asked Questions

faq on salesforce Managed Services

We answer the most commonly asked questions about Salesforce Managed services


Pracedo’s Salesforce Managed Services unlock the full potential of Salesforce for your business. We provide ongoing support, optimisation, and strategic enhancements to ensure your Salesforce platform scales seamlessly alongside your growth. This translates to increased efficiency, improved user adoption, and, ultimately, achieving your business objectives.

Managed Services are ideal for companies seeking to maximise their Salesforce investment. If your team lacks in-house expertise, struggles to keep pace with platform updates, or desires to unlock new functionalities within Salesforce, then Pracedo’s Salesforce Managed Services are right for you.

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs. We offer flexible engagement models to ensure you receive the most value. Contact us for a free Salesforce consultation to discuss your unique requirements and receive a customised quote.

Pracedo provides comprehensive, ongoing support. This includes proactive maintenance, troubleshooting assistance, and access to our team of skilled Salesforce consultants. We’re here to ensure your Salesforce platform runs smoothly and delivers optimal results.

Absolutely! Pracedo understands that every business is unique. We offer a bespoke approach, building a team of specialists precisely tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Our Salesforce Managed Services package is fully customisable to ensure it perfectly aligns with your Salesforce roadmap.

Security and Compliance

Pracedo prioritises the security of your data. Our consultants are well-versed in Salesforce security protocols and can guide you on best practices for data protection.

While we don’t offer dedicated compliance certifications ourselves, our team can assist you in configuring your Salesforce platform to meet specific compliance requirements. We can also connect you with trusted partners who specialise in compliance solutions for Salesforce.

Pracedo’s team continuously undergoes training to stay current on Salesforce CRM. We actively monitor updates and implement the latest security measures to proactively protect your data.

Technical Expertise

Our team comprises highly skilled and certified Salesforce consultants with extensive experience and an industry-first focus. They possess a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and its capabilities, allowing them to optimise your instance for maximum efficiency and impact.

Absolutely! Pracedo has a proven track record of integrating Salesforce with a wide range of business applications. Our team’s expertise ensures seamless data flow, streamlining your business processes. This allows you to maximise the value you get from Salesforce and empowers your data to drive real business results.

Yes, Pracedo offers custom development services. Our skilled Salesforce consultants and developers can tailor functionalities within Salesforce to perfectly match your unique needs and workflows.

Engagement and communication

We prioritise open communication and collaboration. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact within your Pracedo team, readily available to address your questions and concerns. We utilise various communication channels, including phone calls, emails, and collaboration tools, to ensure smooth interaction.

Our team proactively monitors your Salesforce instance to identify and address potential issues before they disrupt your operations. In the event of an unexpected issue, Pracedo has a proven escalation process to ensure a swift and effective resolution.

Success and ROI

Pracedo works collaboratively with you to define clear success metrics aligned with your business goals. We leverage advanced reporting tools and dashboards to track progress and demonstrate the impact of our managed services on your Salesforce ROI.

The ROI of Salesforce Managed Services varies depending on your unique situation. However, Pracedo’s clients typically experience increased user adoption and enhanced processes (such as improved lead conversion or driving better service delivery) that lead to operational efficiencies.

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*Statistics on this page are from the Salesforce 2021 Research Paper: “New Salesforce Research Links Lower Stress Levels and Business Automation”