Salesforce Experience Cloud: The Answer To Startup Success

Starting a business can be a difficult and lengthy process. There are a lot of fundamental steps to consider, from creating an efficient company website to establishing a healthy customer base. With the help of Salesforce’s Experience Cloud, previously Community Cloud, you have access to a huge array of tools that help you enhance your customers’ experience, create stronger partnerships and build a professional, coherent brand appearance – all in one platform.


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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud and who benefits from it?

In today’s world of digital experiences, personalised and convenient customer journeys are more important than ever. No matter the industry you’re launching your business in, keeping your current and new customers interested and engaged can be quite the challenge. This is why tailoring your marketing content to their interests and needs becomes imperative. With that in mind, Salesforce Experience Cloud surely is the best solution for you to create unforgettable customer experiences from the start.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a software solution that helps your business digitise your operations. The platform allows you to maintain a 360-degree view of your customers, create efficient strategies and make predictions that allow you to deliver great experiences – all in one place. This will maximise your customer reach and engagement.

Enhance your customers’ experience with Salesforce Experience Cloud

To ensure your startup’s long-term success, it’s paramount to establish great customer relationships from the beginning. In order to do so, you need to identify their needs and wants. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, your team can create multitudes of digital experiences that are specifically tailored to each individual customer. In addition to this, you’ll be able to determine what information and features your users have access to.

Experience Cloud’s personalised interface allows your customers to easily manage their accounts, access articles, blogs and FAQs, as well as open cases with the responsible support team. With Salesforce Experience Cloud, you also have access to valuable data about your clients. This facilitates you to track your users’ activity and offer rewards to your most loyal customers. Gaining such a deep understanding of your customers’ behaviour enables you to create even more personalised and targeted experiences, such as peer-to-peer interactions, live chats or monthly statements for your business customers.

Finally, the communities and content you create within your Salesforce Experience Cloud are also available on mobile devices, enabling your customers to open and engage with your website from anywhere and at any time. This leads to stronger enhanced user experiences and stronger customer relationships overall.

Strong partnerships throughout with Experience Cloud features

Being at the beginning of your startup journey, it is also essential to establish sustainable relationships with your business partners. By setting up a partner portal and using the Partner Central template, your team can quickly share all leads from your current campaigns with your business partners. This feature is especially useful for companies that don’t have a sales team of their own just yet. As a result, partners gain trusted leads with which they can accelerate their respective selling processes. Additionally, the so-called Deal Registration feature allows you to stay on top of the latest details or changes around deals with your partners.

The Account Relationship feature further enables you to share partner records and contacts directly between your partners, distributors and resellers. This feature is especially useful when you need to establish a business relationship between two third-party accounts, such as a collaboration between your reseller and one of your distributors. By connecting their accounts, the parties are given access to certain details about each other and collaborate on specific deals. This also helps you in avoiding potential channel conflicts.

Lastly, thanks to the data sharing, detailed dashboards and available reports, you can provide partners with greater transparency and awareness of your business, keeping them on top of everything that is happening. This will further establish trust and align common goals from the start.

Regardless of the Experience Cloud features you use, you have complete and continuous control over the data you share with your partners.

Professionally customise and brand your pages with Experience Cloud

Thanks to Salesforce’s Experience Cloud, there is no need for you to be concerned about foreign branding. The useful feature called Experience Builder allows you to access your website’s headers, footer, navigation, search and user profile menu and implement your company’s branding accordingly.

You could further integrate a lightning builder component to your Experience cloud account if you would want to change the provided template’s structure and tailor them to your preference and needs.

There is no doubt that it is crucial for you to make your startup’s brand stand out and coherent to your audience(s). By adding something as simple as a company logo and a catchy headline, you can go a long way in presenting your website more professionally.

Get started with Salesforce Experience Cloud today

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