and Announce Merge

Posted on 2019-04-24 15:58:38

Salesforce have recently announced that it will be acquiring, allowing the technology of both to continue to grow together whilst maintaining the company’s philanthropic ethos.

What does this mean for you?
You get the best of both worlds with Pracedo! We are both have been a Platinum Salesforce Partner since 2018 and a Premium partner since 2019. We are 1 of only 7 globally and the only 1 in Europe* who fit these criteria, giving you optimal experience and understanding across both.

How will this impact future work?
Our experience across both and give us the skills to ensure nonprofits leverage the cutting edge technology of .com that this merge will afford them. This is going to bring together the two areas of Salesforce, something which we do every day here at Pracedo. All of our consultants work across both .com and .org, so this change will not affect the existing efforts we make to give you the best possible recommendations.

Will Pracedo still focus on Non Profits?
Yes! Philanthropy is at our core and we remain 100% committed to both all our non profit customers. Not only do we work closely with many non profits in a professional capacity, we also encourage all of our staff to donate their time to causes they believe in as part of our Pledge 1%. These include charities such as Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, Crisis and many others. This is a space which is close to our heart and we will continue to learn and grow with you!

*The only partner who is Premium and Platinum, this does not include GSIs.