Resolving Agency-Client Dynamics in an Ever-evolving World

Discover how the media and advertising landscape is transforming, and how the traditional agency-client model might evolve to prioritise transparency and data-driven strategies.
Resolving Agency-Client Dynamics in an Ever-evolving World | Pracedo | A Summit Salesforce Partner

The media and advertising landscape is experiencing a profound transformation driven by rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer behaviours. Consequently, there is a growing emphasis on the evolving relationship between agencies and clients. This issue was brought to the forefront at a significant event last year, the Future of Media conference in London. The conference sparked discussions about the need for potential adaptations in the traditional agency-client model to better align with today’s fast-paced, digital-first environment.

The Agency-Client Divide: Understanding the Friction

Agencies have traditionally been the linchpins of the advertising world, tasked with crafting messages, strategising placements, and, ultimately, connecting brands with their audiences in impactful ways. However, issues of transparency, efficiency, and the critical question of return on investment (ROI) have complicated this relationship. Echoing these concerns, a report from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and MediaSense found that a quarter of major multinational brands consider the current agency model “unfit for future purpose,” signalling a pressing need for change.

Thus elevating the conversation about Data and Insights.The core issue lies in a perceived lack of transparency in agency operations and a misalignment of priorities. Some media owners have criticised agencies as “gatekeepers” that hinder efficiency, with instances where the relationship feels strained due to the opaque handling of advertising budgets and revenue distribution. Moreover, the push by some agencies towards outdated advertising models that prioritise profit over effectiveness has been a point of contention, highlighting a divide between client needs and agency deliverables.

This growing rift underscores the need for a new paradigm that emphasises transparency, leverages technology to enhance efficiency and aligns agency strategies with client outcomes. At this critical juncture, innovative solutions capable of bridging the gap between agencies and clients are essential to preserving the collaborative spirit of advertising.

The Role of Data and Insights in Elevating Agency-Client Relationships

Leveraging data becomes crucial for enhancing transparency and strengthening the foundation of agency-client relationships. A survey by CallRail reveals that a significant majority of agencies – 85% to be exact – view the demonstration of ROI to clients as a critical driver of growth. This is reinforced by the fact that 80% of agencies emphasise the importance of regularly updating their marketing technology systems (martech stacks) to remain competitive and sustain their businesses. This highlights the significant role that data plays in delivering value to clients.

Salesforce: A Catalyst for Transformation

Realising this, Salesforce has invested in a suite of solutions to ensure transparency and promote collaboration.

Platforms like Slack showcase Salesforce’s investment in creating fluid communication, which breaks down traditional barriers that have fostered distrust and inefficiencies. These tools not only facilitate real-time updates and collaborative workspaces but also ensure all parties remain synchronised, fostering an environment of inclusivity and strong partnership.

Furthermore, Salesforce Analytics emerges as a critical component in promoting data-driven decision-making. In an industry where proving ROI has become paramount, the ability to leverage data effectively can make a significant difference. Salesforce Analytics provides agencies and clients with the insights needed to understand consumer behaviour, evaluate campaign performance, and, ultimately, make informed decisions that align with strategic goals. This capability addresses the industry’s call for more accountable and results-oriented marketing efforts, moving beyond gut feelings to a more empirical approach to advertising and campaign management.

Efficiency is a fundamental aspect of Salesforce’s value proposition, particularly when it comes to streamlining the management of client relationships. Salesforce Media Cloud empowers agencies to seamlessly track interactions, oversee projects, and provide personalised services. This enhanced efficiency not only enriches the client experience but also enables agencies to swiftly adapt to changing needs and priorities. By closely aligning with client objectives, agencies can deliver more precisely tailored services, addressing specific goals and challenges. This adaptability is crucial in the dynamic digital landscape, ensuring agencies remain agile and responsive to their client’s evolving requirements, thereby fortifying the agency-client relationship.

Agencies are sitting on vast reservoirs of valuable unused data. Leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud, these teams can gain access to comprehensive audience profiles, market trends, and consumption patterns. This wealth of information enables them to finely tune content strategies, optimise advertising placements, and tailor offerings to specific audience segments with unprecedented precision. Moreover, Data Cloud facilitates seamless integration with other Salesforce solutions, such as Media Cloud and Analytics, providing a holistic view of the media landscape and empowering organisations to derive actionable insights that drive growth and innovation with clients. This resource represents a valuable asset for improving transparency in client relationships. With Data Cloud, agencies can unlock the full potential of their data assets, driving transformative change and staying ahead in an increasingly competitive and data-driven industry landscape.

AI and machine learning technologies offer new pathways for marketing strategies. Tools like Einstein AI provide predictive analytics and personalised marketing solutions that can lead to more effective and impactful campaigns. This approach not only addresses the industry’s efficiency and effectiveness challenges but also opens up new opportunities for creativity and innovation in advertising. By leveraging Salesforce solutions, agencies and clients can forge a new path forward, one that is built on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to achieving outstanding results. Salesforce not only provides the tools necessary for this transformation but also embodies a vision for a more collaborative, data-driven, and efficient future in media and advertising.

Future-Proofing the Agency-Client Relationship

Adopting Salesforce is not merely a response to current challenges; it’s an investment in the future of agency-client relationships within the rapidly evolving media landscape. Salesforce’s commitment to innovation ensures access to the latest tools and technologies, enabling agencies and clients to not only meet today’s demands but also to position themselves as leaders in the digital era.

By embracing Salesforce solutions like Media Cloud, Einstein, and Data Cloud, agencies and clients can embark on a transformative journey, unlocking new levels of collaboration, efficiency, and effectiveness. This marks a significant shift towards setting a new standard for success in the media and advertising industry. With strategic planning, training, and a forward-thinking mindset, transitioning to Salesforce signifies the start of a new era of partnership and growth, ensuring that both agencies and clients are well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital future.

Dave Chapman

Dave Chapman

This article was written by Dave Chapman, Media and PR Practice Director at Pracedo. With over 15 years of seasoned expertise in the technology sector, Dave has navigated the complex terrains of both hardware and software solutions, leaving a significant mark in the industry. His journey is distinguished by roles at some of the most prestigious global corporations, including Salesforce, where he has not only refined his technical acumen but also emerged as an expert in solution finding.

As a Practice Director at Pracedo, Dave is at the forefront of aiding in the success of digital transformation, employing innovative solutions that spearhead growth and efficiency. His background in consultative sales enriches his approach, allowing him to understand and address the nuanced needs of businesses embarking on their digital transformation journeys. Dave's role is instrumental in guiding companies through the evolving digital landscape, ensuring they leverage the right technologies to achieve their objectives and stay ahead in their respective fields.

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