PracedoFest 2020: Socially Distanced, Outdoor Team Building

Posted on 2020-08-26 09:49:35

A couple of weeks ago the Pracedo team were reunited after a long 4 months of lockdown and working from home for PracedoFest 2020.

For the past 3 years PracedoFest has been held at the fantastic ‘Plush Tents’ in Chichester, ‘an award-winning, sustainable yurt village nestled in the picturesque South Downs.’ We have selected this site year on year as it gives us an opportunity to disconnect from our busy working lives and reconnect as colleagues. This year with the world in the state it is in, it was particularly perfect as the site is the ideal setting to experience nature, in a safe, socially distanced, outdoor format.

A yurt from the PracedoFest 2020 campsite.

The two days together allowed for distanced discussion around the business, its progress during COVID-19 as well as its challenges and key learnings. It was also a great opportunity for the consultants, developers members of sales, marketing and operations teams, to partake in the ‘Ask Matt anything’ Q&A. Our CEO Matt was transparent and open to answering all our burning questions and it was a great meeting of minds and a chance to instil a renewed sense of community amongst the Pracedo team.

Activities undertaken included combat archery from the brilliant ‘Altitude events’, everyone had their own set of safety gear, bows and arrows soaked in antibacterial lotion and it was a great way to build team alliances in this physical pursuit of speed and accuracy.

The archery activity from PracedoFest 2020.

One of the things that were important to us was to make PracedoFest as sustainable as possible and to support local businesses during what has been a static summer for many. We collaborated with 3 local food trucks and street food businesses to cater our time at Plush Tents. We indulged in amazing Pizza, Thai food and Burgers all with local produce and a great array of vegetarian and vegan options. It was really rewarding to give back to these local suppliers and share in their excitement of being back in business.

Amongst the slightly awkward socially distanced silent disco and team-building exercises testing our aptitude and competitive prowess, we all came away from the two days feeling refreshed, more aligned and focused for the quarter ahead.

It was such a pleasure to see everyone at our annual outdoor ‘PracedoFest’, after being apart for so long! It felt like we hadn’t missed a beat. Thank you to the whole Pracedo team for being amazing humans and such great fun. I hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved break after working so hard for our brilliant customers these past few challenging months!

– Matt Schutz, CEO, Pracedo