Placements at Pracedo: An Interview with Kelsey Chan

Posted on 2019-05-30 14:50:47

Kelsey is a Computer Science student at Aston University who has been at Pracedo for the last year on a placement. After a chance meeting with Kristin and Matt in the queue to meet Natalie Portman at Dreamforce in 2017, her initiative led to what has now been our first placement program offering. Kelsey’s hard work and strength throughout this year has paved the way for future students who we look forward to welcoming onto our program.

To celebrate her time here, we speak to Kelsey about the differences between university and work, what she’s learnt and her future goals.

Can you explain to us what a university placement is for?

Mine was an optional placement, the idea is to get work and industry experience whilst trying something different. The uni help with looking for options, but I found this one myself. I was involved with Stemettes, who took me to Dreamforce where I met Pracedo! Placements are good because you can have a go at everything, don’t be afraid to try something you don’t know… You’re on placement and people are there to support you.

What did you find was different between work and uni?

Work and university friendships are different. Things like Pracedofest and working on varied projects means you get to know people and how to work together. Being at a consultancy in London is also very different to a campus like Aston. I miss having everything I need so nearby but it’s nice to come to the office and see familiar faces.

What have you learnt about yourself?

That I am resilient! It’s also confirmed that I enjoy having a space of my own in the office. I wasn’t expecting the business analysis side of consulting when I started. Talking to clients and setting their expectations was a steep learning curve! When it comes to things like sending emails and talking to clients my confidence has improved significantly and I’m much more comfortable picking up the phone to people, even leading stand up calls on some projects now!

What have you learnt here that will help in your final year?

The routine of having a 9-5 and having more structure in my day has been really good.. The work experience has given me a good understanding of what I do and don’t like, which will inform my career choices in the future. I’ve also been able to see the practical application of things I’ve learnt on my course and understand how technology encounters limitations when you’re working with commercial technology.

What are your goals for the next year?

I’m spending the Summer abroad and am starting to think about my final year project as I’ll have to choose it soon. I’m looking at a wide range at the moment and am excited to complete my final year.

What will you miss most?

The people! It’s been really fun working here, coming in every day and working here with everyone has taught me a lot and I’ve enjoyed it very much!

We wish Kelsey every success in her final year and are sure she will continue to do brilliantly in everything she does. From all of us at Pracedo, thank you Kelsey!

“Kelsey has been a valuable member of our team and her work on projects have added great value to our customers. She takes on every task and day with an amazing smile and a fantastic attitude. We hope she comes back after university” 

Matt Schutz

“Kelsey was an instant fit with Pracedo. Her enthusiasm for technology was apparent from the first time we met her at Dreamforce and hasn’t wavered since she joined Pracedo as a junior consultant. I know she will excel at any goal she sets her mind to!” 

Kristin Schutz