Our Team

Here at Pracedo we pride ourselves on our diversity and consider the team as a family. Everyone is both a teacher and a student, with our diverse backgrounds and experience helping us grow as a consultancy. When you choose us, you become a part of this and together we will learn and succeed.

Matthew Schutz

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Matt founded Pracedo in 2010 and has grown the business to what it is through a commitment to the development of his team and customers.

Penny Townsend

Chief Operating Officer

Penny has valuable experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and uses this to put our customers first. As COO she ensures that projects are delivered effectively and brings out the best in every team.

Kristin Schutz

Customer Success

Kristin implemented Pledge 1% at Pracedo and leads by example, encouraging colleagues to join her at events. Her enthusiasm and product knowledge supports every customer.

Sam Probert

Commercial Lead

Multi-lingual Sam is an EMEA Sales expert, with over 5 years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. His love of languages and cultures has fuelled a lot of travelling and helped him hitchhike 2000km in South America.

Chris Robinson

Marketing Cloud Lead

Chris Robinson (yes, we know he's the only Chris!) is a keen cyclist and our resident Marketing Cloud expert. He brings Industry Expertise as well as Salesforce product knowledge to Marketing projects.

Safiyyah Gareeboo

Marketing Manager and Consultant

Safiyyah's experience as an end user and marketer gives her unique insight across your implementation journey. She is creative and enjoys aerial hoop in her spare time, which she is excited to share with the Pracedo team this Summer.

Laura Brown

Head of People & Culture

Laura brings out the best of the Pracedo team, coaching our personal development and ensuring a welcoming work environment for all. She is slowly but surely spreading the vegan gospel and pictures of her young puppy Lulu are highly anticipated by the whole team!

James Daly

Senior Consultant

James has a wide range of certifications and is currently working towards the System Architect this year. He enjoys hurling in his spare time and brings the team together at social events.

Marianne Sangster

Programme Manager

With over 8 years' experience in the charity sector, Marianne has a keen understanding of how implementations work from both sides of a project team. She loves travelling and has shared knowledge from a Masters in reproductive and sexual health with the young girls she worked with in Tanzania.

Yasemin Karakurt


Yasemin is a consultant and project lead who epitomises our core ethos of shared knowledge. She was awarded the Pracedo Value Award in 2018 for her willingness to teach others and enable our customers.

Kym Gabriel


Kym has led a variety of projects and always takes the time to encourage team members to learn. He plays multiple instruments and is growing his skillset in this as well as the Salesforce architecture.

Shahed Miah


Having started on our apprenticeship program, Shahed has a strong work ethic and enjoys projects most when he is able to make technicalities accessible to everyone.

Luca Sarno


Luca won the NPSP Award in 2018 for his ongoing hard work with our non-profit customers. His creative and considerate nature means that he takes the time to fully understand project requirements and develop the best solution.

Emanuela Azzarello


Emanuela brings Financial Services domain expertise to Pracedo. She is an avid gamer, artist and traveller who speaks multiple languages.

Federico Chinazzi


Federico works across both our Milan and London offices, frequently recommending new places to eat. He is a keen hiker with experience in CPQ and Einstein Analytics.

Adam Condon


Adam joined Pracedo from both the other side of the world and the other side of consultancy. His experience as an end user during implementation gives him a unique view of projects and as a keen runner he would like to run the London Marathon.

Gabriella Vasconcellos


Gabi works across both our London and Milan offices and enjoys the culture in which we raise each other up. She is skilled in multiple Salesforce products and in her spare time enjoys Crossfit and hiking.

Luca Anzaghi

Junior Associate

Luca A speaks multiple languages and is highly skilled in running scoping sessions and demos for international projects. His passions include film and chess and he is always happy to help both his colleagues and customers.

Luca Calabrò


Luca C is a multi-cloud consultant who enjoys playing basketball and music. A friendly face in both our offices, he is our Retail Industry expert, with over seven years domain experience.

Henry Maxwell

Junior Associate

Henry has worked across multiple Salesforce products, understands the needs of our customers and enjoys teaching his colleagues. Despite being keen to learn deadly Krav Maga, we're sure his kind hearted nature means he won't be taking kick offs literally!

Hadiyah Hall


Hadiyah taught herself Salesforce and is an experienced consultant who enjoys seeing the impact small project changes can have. She is interested in linguistics, writes poetry and finds that the flexibility of Salesforce products makes them creative in their own right.

Jonah Tan

Junior Associate

Jonah is a skilled developer who is also interested in programming and game development in his spare time. He graduated from an apprenticeship program at Pracedo and is a valued source of knowledge amongst his peers.

Skyie Green

Junior Associate

Skyie brings a love of learning and plenty of style to the Pracedo team. She plays multiple instruments and teaches the piano, which translates to her ability to take customers on their own learning journey during every project.

Rickash Goolab

Junior Associate

Rickash enjoys the diversity of both projects and people at Pracedo. He has taken the time to get to know people since starting, plays multiple instruments and enjoys football in his spare time.

Luis Felipe Becerra Gutiérrez

Junior Associate

Having wanted to be an inventor when growing up, Luis now uses his innovative skills to build apps and problem solve for our customers. He also claims to be able to solve a Rubik's cube in less than a minute, something we are yet to put to the test!

Jojo Masala

Junior Associate

Jojo is a committed self-learner who has taken part in many Pracedo training sessions. He taught himself to code and has achieved and his Admin 201 certification in a record time for the company's apprenticeship program.

Kai Cheok

Junior Associate

Kai is a keen sportsman who has captained a top badminton team and plays guitar in his spare time. He chose to pursue a career at Pracedo through a love of computer science and coding which has already enabled him to build his own computer.


Mandy Henshaw


All you could ask for & more - Very enthusiastic about implementing Salesforce into our business efficiently and to a very high standard. Applied Salesforce to different areas allowing us to manage workloads in a timely & pro active manner - perfect. Matthew was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Very highly recommended!

Nathalie Pasculli


Thanks to Matthew and Pracedo we will be able to manage our client database on a better way. Great knowledge of Salesforce! I highly recommend!

Daniela Martino


Our experience working with Pracedo its been extremely positive. Matt and his team have a deep understanding of Salesforce and their support during the implementation has been excellent.

Michael McHale

Project Manager / PEGASUS LIFE

We have now been working with Pracedo for c.12 months after a personal recommendation. As well as a great help with making the most out of our SF system, being able to quickly understand our business processes to help identity the most efficient and beneficial way to utilise the system has been invaluable. A most trustworthy partner to work with.