Optimise Your Customers’ Lifetime Value With Salesforce Journey Builder

Since customer experience is the key driver for loyalty and retention, it’s ever more important to deliver a great brand experience for your customers. The happier the customer, the greater their customer lifetime value overall.

With Salesforce’s Journey Builder, you can automate your marketing efforts, drive cross-channel and personalised customer engagement, and gain valuable audience insights – which help ensure that your marketing team delivers a great experience throughout the customer journey.

Continue reading to learn more about how your business can optimise your customers’ lifetime value with the unique tools of the Salesforce Journey Builder.

Optimise Your Customers’ Lifetime Value With Salesforce Journey Builder

What is Salesforce Journey Builder?

Salesforce Journey Builder is a part of the of the Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud solution that can help your business to understand your customers in more depth, as it provides you with current and forecasted customer behaviour. This, in turn, enables you to adapt to the ever-changing business and customer landscape.

You are probably asking yourself how the Salesforce Journey Builder can provide such intricately personalised messages. Well, it does this by collecting data about your customer’s interactions with your business, such as downloading an app, joining a loyalty program, or abandoning a shopping cart.

These interactions are defined as events and can be used by your marketing team to tailor real-time responses. The individual events and their respective responses then become part of the customer journey for your customer.

How is Salesforce’s Journey Builder beneficial for your business?

With Salesforce Journey Builder, you can automate your customer engagement and provide faster and more accurate customer responses. This enhanced engagement will result in greater customer satisfaction and – eventually – a higher lifetime value.

Let’s have a look at the Salesforce Journey Builder tools that help you achieve these incredible outcomes:


Invaluable customer journey insights with Salesforce Journey Builder


Salesforce’s Journey Builder conducts advanced data analysis to help your business determine how each stage of the customer journey mapping was executed. It also helps you monitor customer responses across your different marketing channels (e.g SMS text or e-mail) throughout the journey.

As a result, you can better understand your customers’ journey and preferences when creating your messages and marketing assets.

Personalised messages can be sent in-app, through connected devices or any other online channel of your choice.

Increased customer engagement with Salesforce Journey Builder

Salesforce’s Journey Builder is the perfect tool for you if you want to reach your audiences across several different channels. It also enables you to retarget your customers through paid advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With this, your brand remains top-of-mind with your audience while gaining increased reach in the market.


By delivering personalised customer engagement with Salesforce Journey Builder across these platforms, you can increase the performance of your marketing campaigns and ensure that your brand remains your customers first choice.

Salesforce Journey Builder helps optimise your marketing goals and performance

The Journey Analytics Dashboard in Salesforce Journey Builder helps you measure the effectiveness of your customer interactions against your business goals. This can be done by benchmarking customer engagement across various channels.

Using Journey Builder, you can track whether you have achieved specific goals by monitoring the relevant metrics, such as the number of downloads, purchases, website visits or conversions through your efforts.

Additionally, you can also track your existing campaigns in real-time. This lets you check performance data and optimise your customer journeys as you need. By tracking your audience interaction on an ongoing basis, you can ensure that all campaigns are performing as expected and conveniently work towards achieving your marketing goals.

Optimise your customers’ life cycle today with Salesforce Journey Builder

As a leading expert in Salesforce consulting and digital transformation projects, we understand that every customer journey is unique. With the help of Salesforce Journey Builder, we can help you optimise your customers’ life cycle with a bespoke implementation.

Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to learn more about the Salesforce Journey Builder. We would love to help you kick off this exciting journey.


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