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Increase B2B Sales With Salesforce Revenue Cloud | Pracedo | Platinum Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) vs Mailchimp

Managing your marketing assets and efforts can be an overwhelming task as it requires many steps and great organisational skills. Mailchimp and Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) are the most common platforms used to manage marketing automation. But…

Jacqui Edwards New APAC Commercial Director at Pracedo

Pracedo Hires Jacqui Edwards As Commercial Director

Pracedo, a Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Partner, has hired Jacqui Edwards as APAC Commercial Director. Jacqui’s expertise in the Salesforce, tech and automotive industries will help drive market expansion…

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Boost business integgilence Salesforce Pracedo Partner Consultancy

Boost Business Intelligence & Efficiency With AI & data

No longer are machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence buzzwords. Now they’re accessible solutions for businesses that want to increase their efficiency, empower their teams with intelligent decision making and drive revenue…

Pracedo A Year In Review (2021) Featured Image

A Year In Review (2021)

Pracedo became 12 years old and what a transformative year we’ve had. Last year, we increased our revenue by 35%…