Natterbox | Native Voice Solution for Salesforce

Natterbox brings the power of voice directly to Salesforce, using CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technology. They streamline processes and amplify productivity for teams such as your contact centre agents, sales teams, and remote workers to create a more connected customer experience. 

Natterbox has automated call logging in Salesforce, which creates a prospect the moment a customer picks up the phone to your organisation. From that moment you can start adding details to the prospect record, as you uncover it through your conversation, giving you a real-time accurate record of the customer interaction. Natterbox also tracks the prospect’s interactions with assets across your website, linking it back to the call record.

Combine detailed call metrics with voice transcription and voice analytics to learn what makes your calls successful. This data creates customer profiles and provides tangible business insight and opportunities for optimisation. On top of this, automated call recordings make it easy for managers to track teams performances.

Natterbox embeds the power of voice into the world’s largest CRM allowing its users to work on any device from anywhere. This is especially helpful as we look towards the new normal, in a post-Covid world, where working from home becomes commonplace.

You can create and update your call policy easily and at any time using the drop and drag ‘Policy Builder’ embedded directly in Salesforce. The simplicity of the ‘Policy Builder’ makes it perfect for your Salesforce admin to configure, as no code is required, while still being able to build an enterprise contact centre or first-class sales environment.

Natterbox Policy Builder

Natterbox gives you a real opportunity to improve efficiencies by turning conversations into conversions. Not only will you be cutting down on time spent on admin tasks but, the range of features such as click-to-dial, automatic lead updating, and voicemail drop can boost productivity by 25% on mobile devices, Microsoft Teams, or a web browser.

Whether you are looking to increase your first-time resolution, create seamless case deflection, decrease call abandonment or increase sales pick up rate, Natterbox has a tailored solution for you.

To find out how we can help implement Natterbox for your organisation and kickstart your call revolution get in touch today!

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