Matthew Schutz

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Schutz has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2007, where he started his Salesforce career as a Solutions Architect at a global consulting company. After 13 years, his passion for creating best practice customer solutions that have customer success at their core remains strong and one of the reasons for starting Pracedo. He is is committed to making Pracedo an organisation that is a catalyst for our team, our customers, and our community to become better people and places.

Matt loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, camping, and being in nature. If you spot him in the urban jungle of London, you will likely see him on his bicycle, so don't be surprised if he turns up to a meeting with a helmet! He is also passionate about giving back and has put philanthropy at the core of his personal and professional life through Pracedo's Pledge 1% commitment from the start. He is a proud supporter of both St Martin's School in Kenya and local organisations such as Homeless Link in the UK.