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Gabrielle Koberg

Senior Account Executive

"I prioritise a client-first approach, focusing on deeply understanding the specific needs and growth trajectories of each business I work with. This foundation allows me to leverage my Salesforce expertise and industry insights to craft customised solutions to achieve their business objectives. By closely collaborating with clients, I ensure that the solutions address their immediate needs and support their long-term success, maximising their investment in Salesforce and fostering sustained growth."

Experience & Interests

Gabby has extensive experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, having been a Solution Engineer at Salesforce and a Business and Sales Lead at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, which is now part of VML Consulting.

Gabby has a deep understanding of Salesforce products and their applications, enabling her to help brands maximise growth in their digital initiatives. Her unique background, blending her experience at Salesforce with her consultancy expertise, allows her to effectively leverage the potential of Salesforce solutions, providing customers with custom strategic solutions that offer unparalleled value.

Beyond her professional achievements, Gabby fervently advocates diversity and inclusion within the tech sphere. Holding a master’s degree in Gender, Policy, and Inequalities from LSE, she is deeply committed to shaping an inclusive industry landscape.

Outside the office, Gabby’s passion for the arts comes alive, especially at the theatre. With a profound affection for musicals, she is particularly fond of “Les Misérables,” so much so that she can recite the entire production by heart. Besides her theatrical interests, Gabby loves embracing the great outdoors, often going hiking with her dog. As an animal lover, these moments in nature with her four-legged companion are especially dear to her.

Industry Expertise

Product Specialisms

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