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Andrew Buchanan

Managing Director, APAC

Experience & Interests

Andrew brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record in delivering business outcomes for clients across the globe. With his previous experience as the Regional Vice President of Customer Success at Salesforce and General Manager at IBM Global Technology Services, Andrew deeply understands what it takes to drive customer satisfaction and deliver exceptional results. His strategic leadership, combined with his ability to foster high-performing teams, enables him to address customer needs and create an environment for growth effectively. Andrew’s focus on creating opportunities for expansion ensures that customers receive the utmost attention and support in their journey with Pracedo. His extensive experience in portfolio management and business development further strengthens his ability to deliver innovative solutions and drive customer success.

With Andrew at the helm, customers can expect a strategic and customer-centric approach that leverages his expertise and track record to deliver business outcomes.

Industry Expertise

Product Specialisms

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Why Traditional Forecasting Fails Modern Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a perfect storm. Customer demands are evolving at breakneck speed, leaving traditional forecasting methods floundering in the wake of change. This reliance on outdated practices, heavily dependent on historical data and manual processes like spreadsheets, is proving inadequate. A telling statistic reveals this disconnect: only 57% ofmanufacturing salespeople are confident in their company’s ability to adapt to a shifting market. This lack of confidence exposes the fundamental flaw – traditional forecasting is a playbook for a bygone era.

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Salesforce media cloud salesforce partner

Can Salesforce Level the Attention Economy?

The media landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Attention spans are shrinking, audiences are fragmenting, and traditional revenue streams are drying up. Legacy systems are ill-equipped to handle this digital storm.

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Technical Debt Salesforce Health Check Salesforce consultancy amsterdam, london, brisbane

Why Tackling Salesforce Technical Debt is Your Key to Success

Don’t dive headfirst into your next Salesforce upgrade without checking the engine! A healthy org is key to a smooth implementation and achieving your desired functionality. Technical debt, even in the most well-maintained Salesforce instances (yes, even ours!), is a natural by-product of adapting to ever-changing business needs on this versatile platform. The good news? It’s manageable!

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