Maximise Your Business Partners’ Lifetime Value With Salesforce Revenue Cloud

If you want to increase your organisation’s revenue, keeping your business partners – such as suppliers, complementary vendors, and intermediaries – satisfied surely is a key to it.

According to a recent study, 96% of B2B leaders said they expect to see an increase in revenue attributed to their business partners over the next three years. So, it’s a no-brainer that keeping your business partners happy is important for your business growth. But how can you ensure your partners’ satisfaction across their journey?

With Salesforce Revenue Cloud, you can view your business partner’s purchase histories, enhance transaction experiences and allow partners to contact your sales reps, all in one interface for a 360-degree view of your partners.

Read on to learn more about how Salesforce Revenue Cloud can skyrocket your business partners’ lifetime value.

What is Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a platform for end-to-end revenue management systems. It’s a tool that allows your business to efficiently connect Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Billing, and the B2B commerce tool for a single source of truth – while seamlessly supporting highly robust sales engines.

The platform also allows your business to manage and request outstanding payments from partners, direct and assist sales, as well as create invoices that have originated from various sources. Thanks to Salesforce Revenue Cloud, partners not only benefit from a more seamless purchase experience but can also manage and organise purchases from the moment these partners begin their journey.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps your business to:

  • manage your revenue growth across all business verticals and channels
  • set up new revenue streams effortlessly
  • integrate sales, partner and finance operations
Maximise Your Business Partners’ Lifetime Value With Salesforce Revenue Cloud | Pracedo | Platinum (Summit) Salesforce Partner

How can Salesforce Revenue Cloud increase your business partners' lifetime value?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud has various features that allow you to increase your business partners’ lifetime value. Let’s have a look at the most valuable ones now:

Tailor your offering with insights into your business partners’ buying patterns

Salesforce Revenue Cloud can help you gain insights into your business partners’ buying patterns. These insights provide you with information on what your partners have purchased in the past. This allows you to better anticipate their needs and offer them products and services that they are more likely to be interested in.

In return, you can personalise each of your partner’s experiences and maximise their lifetime value.

Shorten your business partners’ buying journey and increase partner satisfaction

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is also the perfect solution for busy business partners who want to shorten their buying journey. With the platform’s self-service features, business partners can easily access their purchase histories, gain data insights, view open balances and create new quotes in a snap. Therefore, by reducing the need for your partners to wait for a response from your team, your business partners can save time and get the information they need in a shorter amount of time, which leads to greater satisfaction overall.

Improve consistency and seamlessness with a personalised self-service experience

With the new CPQ-B2B Commerce Cloud Connector, you can personalise your digital storefronts for B2B selling with a self-service experience. This enables your business to implement customisable, digital shopping carts that allow business partners’ to shop independently.

Steve Boyd | Principal Consultant at Pracedo | Salesforce Implementation Partner

Your business partners can add different products or services to their shopping cart, reach out to your sales representatives for queries and also request special discounts. For example, if you’re a SaaS business and offer a variety of subscription plans, your business partners can easily access their account information, upgrade or downgrade their plans, and reach out to your sales reps with questions or concerns they have. As a result, you streamline your business partner’s purchasing process.

Steve Boyd


This feature further enables your business to gain valuable insights into your partners’ purchasing habits and preferences, allowing you to personalise their experience and maximise their satisfaction throughout their buying journey.


Create unique discounts for different business partner groups

In addition to the self-service checkout experience, your team also has access to previous invoices, and current subscriptions of every business partner, helping you avoid revenue loss due to incorrect invoicing. Having analytical data about your business partners’ billing and frequent payment information available can further enable your sales team to create personalised discount strategies catered to every partner.

Therefore, your business can create different discount strategies and allocate suitable discounts for each respective business partner. You can offer better deals to your partners to drive loyalty in the long run.

Access all business partner account insights with just one click

Salesforce Revenue Cloud further allows you to manage and keep track of your business partners following their first purchase. The Customer Asset Lifecycle Management tool will help achieve this through transparency of purchase details as well as providing your business with a simple dashboard view of contract amendments, open balances, subscription patterns and KPIs of your business partners – all available with just one click.

Steve Boyd | Principal Consultant at Pracedo | Salesforce Implementation Partner

With these insights available, the Customer Asset Lifecycle Management tool allows you to identify and manage opportunities that correlate with each business partner. You can also manage and enhance your business partner’s experience from the start, which will turn them into satisfied and recurring customers.

Steve Boyd


Maximise your business partners’ lifetime value today with Salesforce’s Revenue Cloud

Are you looking to take your business partners’ experience to the next level and achieve an outstanding partner lifetime value? Then Salesforce Revenue Cloud might be your answer. This powerful software provides everything you need to manage your sales and business partner relationships in one place. And with our experienced team here at Pracedo, we can help you get your Salesforce journey started and get the most out of your CRM investment.

As a Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Partner, we are committed to providing you with:

  • Design tailored Salesforce implementations, helping you unlock the power and potential of your business goals with the world’s number one CRM platform
  • Obtain the tools and services needed to support seamless customer interactions
  • Create a central place to increase communication and collaboration among all your partners and customers
  • Save time on administrative tasks by automating all your processes
  • Apply predictive analytics to refocus your business on tasks that are most likely to bring in profit

To find out more about how Pracedo can help you get started with Salesforce Revenue Cloud, simply get in touch today at or schedule a call with one of our expert consultants here.


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