Luca Sarno's Personal Styling Session

Posted on 2019-11-11 13:09:11

Pracedo consultant, Luca Sarno, took part in a personal styling session with Nancy Stevens. Read below about his experiences and what he learnt from the style queen. 

What were your thoughts before your personal styling session?
Since this would be my first time going to a personal styling session, I wasn’t sure what to expect outside of picking clothes and trying them on. Most of my thoughts were around how the session would play out, and what I am looking for in the right outfit.

What was your reaction when you first saw the clothes Nancy had picked out for you?
The first time I saw what Nancy picked out, I was happy and pleasantly surprised. From our one to one meeting the day before, she had captured well what colours I was in to, and how I love having patterns on my shirts to keep my creative side showing. I couldn’t wait to get started and see what they looked like!

Did you like everything Nancy had picked out for you?
Yes, I was pleasantly surprised with what Nancy choose, she picked out a lovely blue and light blue patterned shirt which caught my eye right of the bat, with matching chinos.

Luca in his new style

Can you describe your favourite outfit for us?
It would have to be the one with the blue flower-patterned shirt with light brown chinos, complete with a navy suit jacket and winter leather boots. I couldn’t believe what I looked like in them!

Would you recommend a personal styling clinic to others? 
Definitely for a one-off experience, as I’ve learned what to look for and what works well together from Nancy. It also helps you see what you look like in styles you haven’t either tried or thought of!