Create Long-Lasting Donor Relationships Using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Did you konw that 71% of supporters feel more engaged with a Nonprofit if the content is personalised, and 65% of donors would give more money if they felt that the Nonprofit knew their preferences? Although the importance of personalisation and relationship-building in donor relationships is clear, many Nonprofits are still struggling.


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is a tool for a solution to personalisation. Using its diverse tools can solve the relationship-building barrier between your Nonprofit and your supporters. Learn more about how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud can spread your mission through:

  • Tracking donation cycles from pledge to payment
  • Using donor profiles to engage with the right message at the right time
  • Measuring and reporting fundraising success

The common problem for Nonprofit organisations

If you’ve ever seen a small stall in the middle of shopping centres with brochures urging those walking past to donate to Nonprofit organisations, you’ve seen a high-touch, one-time interaction strategy in action. Although this strategy is commonly used by Nonprofits to attract donors and prospects, it’s difficult to integrate personalisation into this strategy, which often leads to loss in connecting with prospective donors or supporters. Achieving personalisation and preference-based interaction is a common problem for Nonprofits, and is a barrier to their relationship-building. However, using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, personalisation does not only occur at the stakeholder’s first interaction, but personalised touchpoints are increased through the stakeholder’s journey. This allows you to get to know your stakeholders at a personal level by building a relationship that is beneficial both ways.

How does Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud solve the relationship-building barrier?

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud allows both personalisation and preference-based interactions to be integrated in a Nonprofit strategy through a wide range of tools. Not only are these tools available on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, but they are easy to implement with the help of an implementation partner like Pracedo. The three main elements that facilitate personalisation for relationship-building are:

  1. Easy tracking and managing donation cycles from pledge to payment
  2. Creating personalised engagement plans to target touchpoints through channels that reach the stakeholder best
  3. Use of a 360-degree view of stakeholder management on one platform

With multiple touchpoints created for stakeholders through Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud tools, you are able to implement an omni-channel strategy in gathering stakeholder and donors. This means that rather than limiting your business to one touchpoint, you have multiple interactions with stakeholders on multiple channels throughout a period of time. With compatibility between socials, email, mobile and web search, you can remain in contact with stakeholders and donors to keep strong relationships even when they aren’t active. Stakeholders who are interested in your mission but haven’t made a donation are allocated profiles with potential touchpoints and contact information. Prospects who are related to long-lasting donors are also given profiles, as new donations are often those that have a pre-existing connection to the cause.

Track donation cycles from pledge to payment

One common roadblock for Nonprofits is the inability to manage all donor data in one place. Using stakeholder profiles you can view individual insights on each stakeholder to personalise communication messages depending on their specific interests. Donation history for past donors list previous donations and communication channel interactions to further create personalised messages.

Campaign history takes this a step further by tracking the donor’s interactions with steps in previous campaigns. Information on which steps have resulted in click-throughs, donations, or lack of action means you can adjust your strategy for a better chance at interaction based on success-rate data. The donor’s skillset section allows businesses to personalise calls to action. For example, if one donor has cooking in their skillset but isn’t interested in long physical activities, you can call for participation in a volunteer food kitchen rather than shelter building. For easier tracking, every donor is assigned to a “level” based on their amount of donations to categorise donor profiles.

These embedded tools in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is what allows businesses to track donation cycles from pledge to payment, keeping an organised database of not only donors but prospects as well. It automates the management of donors and their insights, letting you build relationships in a strategic way with personalised messages.

Use donor profiles to engage at with the right message at the right time

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud’s personalisation tools doesn’t stop at insights. With Engagement Studio, you can customise personalised engagement plans to create a one-to-one journey. Outlining touchpoints with the donor, identifying the channel to be used at each touchpoint, and what the next action will be are all elements of a one-to-one journey that you can create with the help of Engagement Studio. Using insights from donor profiles allows you to curate touchpoints, communication channels and actions based each donor’s characteristics rather than delivering a standardised message. It’s a plan that increases the chance of final donations by engaging with the right message at the right time.

Use donor profiles to engage at with the right message at the right time | Pracedo | Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Partner

Measure and report fundraising success using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

With stakeholders contacted using the right message at the right time, the last step to overcoming the relationship-building barrier is reflecting on the do’s and don’ts of the current strategy. Under Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, data remains in one platform making it easy to analyse whether each step led to the expected outcome. For example, within engagement plans in the Engagement Studio, each step of engagement is paired with a high-level reporting statistic and an in-depth report card that shows the success rate of that touchpoint.

The dashboard on Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud contains a variety of graphs for an overview on the progress of donations and success in strategy so far. Which datapoints will be displayed on your dashboard depends on your individual needs and can be customised. With in-built graph tools, no external IT team is required to visualise the data into graphs, you only need to select the type of graphs and data that you want displayed. You are then able to easily identify whether they are on track, behind, or above their benchmark goal for that point in time. Having a holistic view of the business’ strategy on one platform helps in comparing predictions and results, creating future benchmarks or adjusting the businesses focal point if needed.

Share your impact with stakeholders who care

Fundraising success can be shared with donors and supporters who care and have contributed to your mission. As 44% of donors are motivated by the belief that their contribution can make a difference, letting them know about their impact not only motivates donors for future fundraising. It builds a relationship between the Nonprofit and donors brought together through the passion of your common mission.

Why should you choose Pracedo to implement Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

We help our customers get the most out of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. We provide expert services and solutions that enable businesses to maximise their investment in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to build relationships with their constituents in their unique way. Our award-winning team of certified consultants around the globe have deep knowledge of its features, and can help you implement them quickly and effectively so that you can get the most out of your investment.

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