What Is Salesforce Interaction Studio & How Does It Generate Revenue?


Imagine how many sales you might make if you put potential customers on a tailored personal journey to encourage them to try your product or service. Salesforce Interaction Studio allows you to do precisely this.

What is Interaction Studio?

Salesforce’s Interaction Studio is a marketing CRM tool designed for marketers who want to connect with each customer in the right manner, at the right time. 


Fact: Currently, research suggests that 75% of marketers are dissatisfied with their capacity to achieve exactly this.


Interaction Studio enhances Marketing Cloud’s rich customer data, audience segmentation, and engagement abilities with real-time cross-channel personalisation and machine learning. It was originally introduced as a new Marketing Cloud feature in 2018, so you’ll need to have Salesforce Marketing Cloud to take advantage of it. Together with Marketing Cloud, it enables you to engage with consumers at every step in their customer lifecycle, from lead to loyalty, in order to increase revenue and strengthen relationships.

How does Interaction Studio work with Marketing Cloud?

Interaction Studio enables marketers to make personalised and engaging experiences for each consumer, no matter how large or complex their buying cycles may be. It uses logged customer activities to ensure that organisations can capitalise on past and present interactions. 


Fact: 59% of customers say tailored engagement based on past interactions is very important to win their business. – Salesforce


Marketers can stay up with their consumers by adding them to segmentation lists in real-time and Interaction Studio can even be connected to Journey Builder to send email messages directly to user segments. This helps ensure that content is tailored to their most recent interests.


In addition, Open Time Email builds on top of this to guarantee that email content is always pulled from your customers latest interactions. For example, if an item is out of stock, then that item will be omitted from the marketing email that they open and another one will show in its place. Alternatively, if your marketing team produced the email, then your customer’s interest changed from a blue to yellow dresses, then a yellow dress will display at the time of opening. It always works with the most up to date interests that your customer has.

How can different industries drive results with Interaction Studio?

Benefits of Interaction Studio for Nonprofits

Interaction Studio takes constituents’ experiences to the next level with real-time interaction. With Interaction Studio, Nonprofits can:

  • Make sure communication is relevant by matching anonymous and known individuals to named profiles across your channels.
  • Customise identity-matching policies, and develop more accurate constituent files.
  • Use real-time segmentation and AI to provide relevant recommendations and experiences that encourage participants to take action.

Benefits of Interaction Studio for Retail companies

With the power of Interaction Studio, retail brands can now quickly personalise messaging that matches their audience’s needs, regardless of which channel they’re on and what device they’re using. Interaction Studio ensures that retail companies can:


  • Use Einstein to recommend the most relevant products to your customers based on previous purchase history, products they’ve shown interest in or articles they’ve read on your website – completely personalising the customer experience and driving value to your business
  • Benefit from Interaction Studio’s AI-powered recommendations to offer the right incentives at the right moment
  • Give customer service the insight they need to optimise their interactions with real-time activity tracking for their concerns.

Benefits of interaction Studio for SaaS companies

Interaction Studio can be used by SaaS companies to assist sales, marketing and on-board teams. It is particularly useful for SaaS companies seeking to improve their subscriber experience and customer retention as it enables businesses to:


  • Track trial engagement by scoring how deep customer trials are going with customer service or support help desk software eg TeamSupport.
  • Look at how well features are being utilised to gain insight for marketing and sales teams.
  • Determine how effective onboarding training is, and identify opportunities for improvement.

How does Interaction Studio generate revenue?

Interaction Studio is a single, integrated Salesforce solution that combines everything you need to win and retain more customers through customer-centric engagement.


By giving you a 360-degree view of your customers, Interaction Studio enhances your Marketing Cloud solution, so that you can take appropriate actions to strengthen your customer relationship and analyse interactions. This means it can increase revenue from existing customers and keep them longer, reducing your cost to serve. In addition, it can help you acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost.


Interaction Studio connects data from different sources, such as web activity, app activity, customer service interactions and more – giving marketers enhanced customer insight to engage their customers in exactly the right moment.


This drives marketing revenue as marketers can provide timely, targeted offers to influence customer behaviour and drive conversions.

How can Pracedo help you boost revenue with Interaction Studio?

We can help you unlock the full power of Interaction Studio by identifying what data is important to your organisation and transforming it into a beautiful, intuitive engagement journey that upgrades customer touchpoints.


By delivering tailored insights that lead to customer-centric marketing campaigns, Pracedo can help marketers boost revenue by better understanding their customers with an enhanced customer journey and increased engagement.


Some of the benefits that you might see could include:


  • Increased insight in customer touchpoints
  • Elevated customer experiences, as they’re served relevant and timely information
  • Boosted revenues as customers are converted
  • Greater understanding of the customer journey
  • Better decision-making as a result of increased knowledge.


At Pracedo, we’re not just Salesforce Consultants. We’re the driving force behind innovation, change, and visionary solutions dedicated to boosting revenue. Our mission is to redefine the customer journey by simplifying processes and helping people to work smarter, not harder. Our purpose is to create a lasting impact on people, organisations, and communities, all powered by the capabilities of Salesforce.


Pracedo specialises in Digital Transformation and Change Management. Implementations and customisations include: Interaction Studio, Salesforce Sales CloudSalesforce Service CloudSalesforce Marketing CloudSalesforce Marketing Cloud Account EngagementSalesforce Revenue CloudSalesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

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