Increasing Operational Efficiency With Salesforce

Business managers are always on the lookout for means to learn how to increase efficiency in their business. They should realise that their company’s technology allows workers to be more productive, so it’s critical to think about it when attempting to improve organisational efficiency.


In this article, we’ll look at how Salesforce can help Executives increase the operational efficiency of the business and future-proof their organisation.

Salesforce transforms operational difficulties into opportunities

When businesses struggle to improve their efficiency, they usually find that processes are frequently duplicated or are inconsistent across the organisation. This causes overworked employees and inefficient practices, which strain human and financial resources.


When Salesforce is successfully implemented, it can provide organisations with significant and long-lasting benefits that help businesses operate more efficiently due to improved processes, system unification, customer service, and better system integrations courtesy of the AppExchange.

Customers see improved process efficiencies from the get-go with Salesforce

Businesses that implement Salesforce with a Salesforce Partner like us, begin a process of research to help them evaluate their challenges, business processes, and how they may be addressed as a result of utilising the product.


This is the first step in increasing efficiency in a business for customers. During this process, we help them find ways of improving their business processes and automate manual tasks to increase efficiencies.

Salesforce turns business inefficiencies into revenue opportunities with automation

Businesses reclaim time when they use Salesforce to automate the new process, allowing employees to focus on activities that really affect their company’s bottom line and customer happiness.

Let’s look at how this might work in action. An account executive might leverage Salesforce to gain an extra 20 additional minutes each day as a result of automated tasks. Over time, that works out to an additional 100 hours per week and 4800 hours each year. That’s more than 4800 hours that the business can gain to focus on creating more revenue-generating activities – all accrued without the need for any new employees. Business efficiency pays off.

Many businesses believe they need to hire more people to be more productive. What these businesses overlook is that there is a better solution – building efficiency by automating tasks, upgrading technology, and adopting procedures to save time and make their staff more efficient and happier.

For instance; when we helped Advocate, a free legal assistance charity, to automate its case matching process, their employees had more time to spend on cases, and barristers took on around 33% more cases each month. To learn more about this customer story, click here.

Salesforce's single source of truth encourages collaboration and boosts inter-departmental efficiencies

Since customer relationship management centres around building long term and profitable customers, it’s not unusual to see organisations start by using CRM systems to ensure that sales and marketing have improved communication and oversight of operations.

While this is a wonderful start, organisations frequently overlook the importance of implementing software that can successfully manage the whole customer journey, while also maximising efficiencies across other business departments like customer services, business analytics, fundraising and community engagement.

Salesforce, however, can be used to integrate and unify diverse departmental systems in a single centralised hub. This reduces data bottlenecks and inhibited information flow, all of which contribute to inefficient and costly processes for businesses.

Although Salesforce initially began with sales and customer relationship management, it has now expanded to embrace all teams and divisions across the company with products that include:



Companies utilising Salesforce enjoy enhanced cross-departmental efficiencies and managed resources as a result of having access to information from all corners of their business and how their consumers engage with it on one platform. In addition, it reduces the time and effort needed to be more transparent – something that is still challenging for businesses today, in what has become an increasingly more connected world.

The time is now

Salesforce is designed to help increase efficiency in a business by adding processes, streamlining systems, automating manual tasks, and ensuring cross-collaboration. It also fosters a climate in which silos are broken down, allowing teams to operate more effectively together. All of these capabilities are important for any organisation to achieve success and maintain growth.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help your company grow through operational efficiency? Contact us today for a call.


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