Increase Your Charity’s Revenue By 25% With GiftAid On Salesforce

If your charity is using Salesforce, you can now increase your revenue by 25% simply by claiming GiftAid on all eligible donations. GiftAid is a UK tax relief scheme that allows charities to claim back the basic rate of income tax on donations from eligible donors. This means that for every £1 donated, charities can claim an extra 25p from HMRC.


In 2021, the UK’s Gift Aid scheme helped bring in an impressive GBP1.4 billion for charities. However, 45% of potential donors still don’t use Gift Aid when they make donations to nonprofit organisations.


So, how can you ensure that your charity is taking advantage of this valuable tax relief, and how can you make it easy for donors to opt-in?


The answer is to use FinDock’s GiftAid functionality with Salesforce. This allows you to easily manage your donors and track their Gift Aid status, meaning you can claim back the tax on eligible donations with just a few clicks.

Findock’s Gift Aid package provides a clean and easy to understand view of your supporters’ declarations by displaying if a supporter has an active declaration in a small part of the Contact page, and also flick between dates from there to find out if they’d still have an active one on, before, or past that date. You can fully customize the Gift Aid Declaration object and add any field you need to it. Including flow automation, such as email alerts, tasks, field updates, the lot.

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What is FinDock?

FinDock is a native Salesforce App created to help Nonprofits get achieve end-to-end Payments Management. It can be used to capture real-time payment data on any channel, at any stage, and with any type of payment. Additionally, it makes it possible to manage payments processing and reconciliation for one-time or recurring payments through banks, service providers, and platforms – all in Salesforce.

Increase Your Charity's Revenue By 25% With GiftAid On Salesforce | Pracedo | Platinum Salesforce Partner

How will FinDock on Salesforce help my charity increase its Gift Aid revenue?

FinDock makes it easy to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations by automating the process and tracking all the data in Salesforce. This means that you can quickly and easily see which donations are eligible for Gift Aid, and claim back the tax with ease.

This is achieved with FinDocks:

  • Giving Pages – With this flexible landing page builder, you can create responsive and beautiful pages that are designed to be SEO friendly. This will help simplify the payment experience for your customers.
  • Donation/ payment form – These embedded Payment Forms live in Giving Pages and are fully integrated with your payment processing configuration in FinDock. They give you the flexibility to adapt your form, define frequency, amounts and even create a thank you page to optimise the donor/supporter experience.

Together, they help you to:

  • Capture real-time payment data on any channel
  • Easily manage donors and track their Gift Aid status
  • Quickly and easily claim Gift Aid on eligible donations

This is all made possible through the tick box that indicates that a donor has opted in for GiftAid on your site. When checked, FinDock automatically flags this as a Gift Aid transaction and sends the claims to the HMRC for processing with little to no input from the Nonprofit.

This marks the donation as eligible for gift aid, but doesn’t send it automatically like that. Instead, it gets picked up in a process which will then send to HMRC in bulk automatically (once someone has essentially clicked the run button in the findock app).


Donations come in > findock checks and marks if it’s eligible by checking the contact details > on a certain day a user will generate and run a claim, and this sends to HMRC automatically a formatted file. This is instead of them having to manually create and check the file before sending to HMRC

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However, the advantages do not stop there; when customers utilise FinDock to automate their donation processing, all of the information is synced with Salesforce through a simple connection. This means they get not only a 360-degree view of their donor data and fundraising process, but also gain the ability to automate their HMRC claim cycles using their company’s financial procedures. With this kind of efficiency booster, Nonprofits might save days of administration every month by automating this process, as well as earning an additional 25% in income with little to no extra work!

How do you install FinDock?

To make the most out of FinDock, it is best to liaise with a Salesforce partner like ourselves. We will help you to unlock the value of your FinDock integration and make the most of your investment with the right configuration for your needs. This is particularly useful if you are attempting to introduce FinDock as a wider Digital Transformation initiative with Salesforce as we can help ensure that you are making the most of your data by integrating flows and work patterns for optimal efficiency.
We can help you to:


  1. Integrate FinDock to your specific business needs while refining your payments approach with best practice – so that you have a scalable, flexible solution.
  2. Utilise more than a decade of experience in technical know-how so that you can build more efficient operational processes.
  3. Fast-track your needs so your platform is up and running when you need it.
  4. Easily link third-party solutions with custom development from our developers.


To get started with FinDock or find out how we can help you increase your charity’s efficiency with Salesforce, get in touch today at or schedule an introductory consultation here


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