Increase Donor Engagement In 2023 With NPSP Engagement Plans

The importance of having donors that give regularly cannot be underestimated. Reliable and repeat funding allowed many nonprofit organisations to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the current economic downturn, it is more important than ever to have a base of stable funding. One of the ways several nonprofits stayed afloat was by acquiring new donors through digital channels. While recruiting these digital donors initially was low-cost, asking for regular contributions from them is more challenging. Most of these donors gave one-time or emergency donations in response to the immediacy of need.


With the current inflation rise and the energy crisis, people have become more mindful of how they spend their money. If your nonprofit is trying to gain committed supporters through digital donors, you need to understand what made these donors interested in your organisation and what you can do to engage them further. Only when armed with this information you will be able to create an engagement strategy that will ensure their first donation isn’t their last.


One way to increase donor engagement is through Salesforce NPSP Engagement Plans. With this feature, you can automate the creation and assignment of Salesforce tasks, making it easier to track essential activities and manage donor relationships.

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Donor engagement plans are designed to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with the organization and increase revenue from donations. Engagement plans do not stop at basic follow-up strategy; you can go beyond that and create a nurturing plan to turn your one-time donor into a regular donor.

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Want to learn how Salesforce NPSP’s Engagement Plans can help you increase donor engagement and cultivate committed supporters? Read ahead.

Standardise Your Donor Engagement With Salesforce

Salesforce NPSP’s Engagement Plans to provide an automated way to do this by allowing you to create pre-set tasks for ongoing donor engagement activities like sending welcome messages, scheduling introductory meetings, and more. When standardised, these tasks can be assigned to your staff, so you always know what to do and when.

With Salesforce NPSP’s Engagement Plans, you can customise specific tasks to match your donors’ unique needs and interests. Over time, you can cultivate relationships with committed supporters by tailoring your engagement strategy based on data like past donation behaviour, reward preferences, and more.

Ayesha Mughal Consultant APAC

Engagement plans work best with NPSP levels, which means you assign donor levels based on the amount of the donation they have contributed. The engagement plan is seamless, meaning you can move a donor who has donated for the first time to become a significant donor through a series of tasks or plans. They are an excellent fit for managing moves for prospects or donors. Levels define the constituents based on the amount they have donated, so we can leverage that feature and create a series of engagement plans for a constituent based on their level, ensuring we can effectively communicate with them.

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Personalise Your Donor Engagement With Engagement Plans

While standardised messages can help you stay on top of donor engagement activities, they may not be the best way to cultivate more committed supporters. For that, you need to engage donors on a personal level and send them tailored messages based on their interests and past donation behaviour.

With Salesforce NPSP Engagement Plans, you can create custom tasks for your staff to complete to build meaningful relationships with your donors. Tracking these specific actions over time will also help you understand which efforts are most effective at engaging your donors and allow you to continue refining your strategy accordingly. For example, you can send a thank-you message to someone who has maintained a steady monthly donation over the past year or offer exclusive rewards to people who donate during specific campaigns. You can also set tasks for your team members to invite major donors to special events or even reach out to lapsed donors who haven’t donated in a while.

Test & Train Your Team To Leverage Engagement Plans

As with any donor engagement strategy, Salesforce NPSP Engagement Plans to require ongoing testing and training to be most effective. As you set up your tasks and assign them to staff members, ensure that everyone is comfortable using Salesforce and familiar with the program’s goals. By doing regular check-ins and training, you can ensure that all team members are on the same page about how best to engage donors through Salesforce NPSP’s Engagement Plans, so you can grow your supporter base over time.

Salesforce Enablement Sites, formerly MyTrailhead, is another excellent resource for leveraging Salesforce NPSP’s Engagement Plans to engage donors and cultivate passionate supporters. With this online training platform, your team can learn at their own pace and get feedback on their progress, helping them master the tools and tactics needed to engage donors and build successful donor relationships. Our team of Certified Salesforce consultants in London can set up MyTrailhead to empower your team with the correct information required to succeed.

For instance, with Enablement Sites, you can train your team to track engagement metrics like open rates, click-throughs, and donations to understand better which messages are most successful. Additionally, you can incorporate Salesforce’s Sales Cloud capabilities into your Engagement Plans to convert interested donors into paying supporters and grow your revenue over time. With the right Salesforce NPSP Engagement Plans in place, you can increase donor engagement, boost retention rates, and build a more robust supporter base for your organisation.

Analyse And Adapt Your Engagement With Data

The benefit of adopting a digital-first strategy to engage with donors is that you can capture detailed data about your donors and their donation behaviour. Salesforce NPSP helps you collect and analyse this data to track trends and identify opportunities to improve donor engagement. For example, with Salesforce Reports, you can track which activities are most effective in driving donations at different stages of the donor journey and monitor the success of ongoing engagement efforts by analysing past donation behaviours.

With Salesforce NPSP’s Engagement Plans, you get access to an extensive range of data analytics tools that can help you make informed decisions about how best to engage with your donors. As you gather more information over time, you’ll be able to fine-tune your messaging and outreach efforts to ensure they are always relevant and effective at engaging potential supporters. With the proper insight into your donors, you can continue to increase donor engagement and cultivate committed supporters for years to come.

How Can Pracedo Help You Set Up Engagement Plans In NPSP?

Pracedo is a platinum Salesforce consulting firm that can help you set up and implement Salesforce NPSP and Engagement Plans for your organisation. With extensive experience in Salesforce implementation, we have the tools and expertise to help you create effective donor engagement strategies for your organisation.

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