How to Pass Your Salesforce Admin Certification

Posted on 2019-10-17 13:54:04

My name is JoJo Masala and I joined Pracedo in June 2019 as part of their apprenticeship programme. With no prior knowledge of Salesforce, I started working towards my admin certification and 11 weeks later I became a certified Salesforce Administrator.

As part of my Pracedo apprenticeship, I was advised to go for as many certs as I possibly could, starting with admin. I hoped it would allow me to refine the skills that I was learning through assisting on projects and then start teaching me about new features that I would encounter on future projects. This is how I passed.

Useful Sites

This is your starting point, Trailmix is a pathway which combines trailheads and trailblazer community documentation to guide you through what needs to be studied. It is broken down into the same topics as the exam.

Trailheads are short bite-sized lessons which have a quiz or task at the end to test your knowledge. When you finish a trailhead you get a digital badge and earn points towards moving up the trailhead ranks. I am currently an ‘Expeditioner’ and working towards my ‘Ranger’ badge.

Focus on Force
Focus on Force gives you topic related questions and practice tests to help you prepare. It is a paid for product but I used this as my main learning tool so it was definitely worth it.


I made a list of all the topics I needed to cover and what was inside of them. Then I just started working my way down the list. The site I found most helpful was Focus on Force they had already broken down the topics for me and so it was really easy to see what I needed to work on next.

I did all of the test questions until I got 90% on the section I was working on, at which point I moved onto the next section. I documented everything as I went along, making notes of which parts I needed to work on and at what point I hit the 90%. After this, I took the practice exams testing myself until I was consistently passing them. When I knew I was ready I booked my admin exam.

The Exam

I had been well disciplined during my revision so going into the assessment I felt pretty confident.

I’d done thorough revision and completed enough mock test to feel prepared. The exam went just as well as I was expecting and I passed with 73%! Becoming a qualified admin has opened me up to more projects and given me a confidence boost when consulting with customers. I’m really looking forward to earning more Salesforce certifications.