How Hospitality Businesses Can Boost Sales Productivity During A Downturn With Salesforce

Salesforce allows hospitality businesses to boost productivity during a downturn by creating leaner and more efficient approaches to sales. In this article, we’ll explore how Salesforce can help hospitality businesses boost sales effectiveness and increase productivity by creating leaner and more efficient approaches to sales.

What is Salesforce and why is it particularly useful for hospitality businesses?

Salesforce is the world’s number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps unify commerce, sales, service, marketing, and IT teams for better data sharing, collaboration and efficient business processes.

Hospitality businesses will find this cloud-based software particularly useful because it helps teams achieve their goals faster and easier, with access to customer data from anywhere, at any time. Salesforce allows them to manage customer relationships better, track leads more effectively, increase sales productivity and produce reports seamlessly.

Hospitality challenges

One of the main challenges that hospitality businesses face is that there are multiple stakeholders across the business that often have:

  • siloed information
  • communication challenges
  • staff shortages

This often challenges sales to obtain the right information at the right time. Salesforce helps address these challenges by providing insights into customer data from across the business, enabling teams to collaborate in one digital platform.

Which challenges can Sales Cloud help with? | Salesforce For Hospitality Businesses | Pracedo | Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Partner

Which challenges can Sales Cloud help with?

Salesforce automation can help maximize productivity by automating everyday tasks, such as data entry, customer segmentation and customer relationship management (CRM).

Sales Cloud enables sales representatives to have an instant view of customer data from across the organisation, such as previous purchases, contact information and lifetime value. This helps them quickly identify potential customers and efficiently manage their time.

Reporting on sales

Reporting usually come down to the Sales Director or General Manager, who is often pulled in many different directions to collect the data. Since it’s usually a collaborative, complex and labour-some manual task, Salesforce Sales Cloud helps the Sales Director to quickly access customer data and produce reports more efficiently. This results in improved decision-making and effective forecasting.

Staff shortages

Brexit, the pandemic and the ensuing energy crisis caused a shortage in staff for hoteliers as overseas workers migrated, leaving a gap in the workforce. But don’t worry, Salesforce can help address this. By using Salesforce’s customer 360, automation and analytics, Sales Directors can identify sales opportunities from different customer segments more easily and quickly without manually inputting the data or making multiple requests for data from other departments. This enables them to focus on other activities that may need attention and work with a leaner and more effective team.

Using Salesforce Sales Cloud For Marketing In Hospitality | Pracedo | Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Partner

No marketing team?

Sales Cloud can help to create a more customer-centric experience, even in the absence of a marketing team. Smaller hotels can also benefit from the customer 360 view as they can capitalise on making outreach through the List Email feature.

The List Email feature allows Sales teams to tailor customer communications with relevant and timely offers or discounts, as well as enabling staff members to identify which customers they need to contact quickly. This helps remove the need for costly investments in a dedicated marketing team; instead, Salesforce empowers Sales representatives to perform marketing outreach themselves.

Lost leads?

Salesforce Sales Cloud can help Sales teams to stay on top of their leads, identify customer enquiries more quickly and reduce the loss of leads. By tracking customers’ actions and behaviours, Salesforce Sales Cloud helps your Sales teams to understand prospective customers’ needs better and anticipate their next move.

There is no risk of potential hotel customers slipping through the cracks, as Salesforce Sales Cloud tracks every single customer action and has the potential to produce automated engagement journeys that Sales and Customer Service teams can use to convert their leads.

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Vonage | Hotel Telephony Systems | Pracedo | Summit (Platinum) Salesforce Partner

No telephony system?

When hoteliers lose leads from unanswered calls, Salesforce Sales Cloud can provide a solution. Salesforce Sales Cloud can be integrated with a telephony service through an easy integration. A Salesforce telephone service like Vonage can automatically connect customers to different departments when lines are busy. Missed or voicemail calls can be tracked in real-time too, so sales representatives can respond quickly to any missed customer enquiries and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Sales Cloud can help hospitality businesses to maximise sales productivity during a downturn and ensure that they remain competitive. By leveraging the Salesforce platform, Sales Directors can stay on top of customer data, leads and communications while also reducing costs and helping staff to focus more on core activities. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, hoteliers have increased visibility and efficiency, empowering them to make smarter decisions for their business.

Why should you choose Pracedo to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud?

The Pracedo team has the experience and expertise to help you make use of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Over the years, we’ve helped many hospitality businesses, such as easyHotel and Holiday Extras, to increase their sales efficiency. By involving a Platinum (Summit) Salesforce Partner like us, you can:

  1. Ensure that Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed specifically for your hospitality business, using best practices and scalable methods to maximise effectiveness
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  3. Lean back and leave your worries to us. With our Certified Salesforce Consultants, you won’t have to worry about your team not being able to use the platform effectively. We can set up your system and train your team to maximise adoption and increase your success rate
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