How AI Can Help University Applicants

Discover how AI and Salesforce are revolutionising university admissions, offering tailored guidance for students like Emma, enhancing efficiency and personalising the application process.

This is the first article in a two-part series on AI in education. Stay tuned for the upcoming instalment, written by Jack Stevens, which will be published next week.

In the bustling corridors of Jefferson High, Emma, a bright-eyed senior, faced a dilemma common to many her age: the daunting task of selecting the right college. With aspirations high and uncertainties looming, the world of college applications appeared as a labyrinth of choices and decisions.

Her breakthrough came with her discovery of AI tools like ChatGPT, a beacon in the perplexing world of college admissions. This wasn’t just technology; it was a gateway to tailored guidance, helping her navigate the plethora of universities. ChatGPT offered Emma a personalised list of universities aligned with her academic interests and lifestyle preferences. This experience mirrors a growing trend in university admissions.

Recent statistics highlight an increasing reliance on AI in this domain. A staggering 8 in 10 colleges are expected to incorporate AI in their admissions process by 2024. This digital revolution in college applications signifies a shift from traditional methods to more innovative, technology-driven approaches.

For Emma and countless students like her, AI has emerged as a crucial ally in deciphering the complexities of college admissions. As she continues her journey, the line between human aspiration and technology blurs, weaving a future where technology provides her with personalised guidance to unlock new horizons.

The Growing Role of AI in Informing University Life and Admissions

As we delve deeper into journies like these, we see a broader application of AI, extending its reach into various facets of university life and admissions.

Emma’s story is a microcosm of a larger trend. AI, once a novel tool, has become a mainstay in the educational toolkit, aiding students in more than just university selection. AI’s role in crafting personalised essays, providing research assistance, and even simulating virtual campus tours is reshaping how students like Emma engage with their academic pursuits. This change is not just about convenience; it’s about accessing information more easily and creating personalised experiences that provide better-matched outcomes.

Statistics underscore this shift. A significant number of educational institutions are now harnessing AI to streamline their admissions processes, offering a more efficient, personalised and equitable approach. In fact, AI’s use in reviewing transcripts and letters of recommendation is becoming increasingly common, with the majority of universities planning to or already using AI in these capacities.

There is a collective awakening to the possibilities that AI presents in transforming education. Educators, admissions managers, and technology developers are all waking up to how they can collaboratively harness AI’s potential while mindfully addressing the concerns that accompany this digital leap forward.

AI as a Revolutionary Tool for University Recruitment

In a quest to attract and support students like Emma, universities are increasingly turning to sophisticated AI tools, and Salesforce’s suite of products stands out in this technological evolution.

Salesforce Chat, an integral part of this toolkit, offers real-time, personalised communication channels between universities and prospective students. This tool allows institutions to respond instantly to inquiries, providing a level of engagement that was previously unattainable. For Emma, interacting with a university’s Salesforce Chat means receiving immediate, tailored responses to her queries, making her experience more engaging and informative – while urging her closer to applying to the university.

Similarly, technology like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can revolutionise how universities reach out to potential students. This platform enables institutions to create targeted marketing campaigns using data-driven insights and AI recommendations to ensure messages resonate with the right audience. For example, a university could use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to identify students like Emma who show interest in specific programs and tailor their communications to meet her unique interests and needs.

Salesforce plays a crucial role in managing the myriad interactions and services universities offer. From admissions inquiries to alumni relations, Salesforce provides a comprehensive base platform for universities to streamline their admissions, qualify and convert applications and personalise the overall student experience.

These Salesforce products collectively create a more efficient, personalised, student-centric approach to university recruitment and services. They are not just tools for automation; they are platforms for building stronger, more meaningful connections with students. As Emma navigates through her educational journey, the presence of such advanced tools reassures her that her chosen institutions are equipped to provide the support and engagement she needs.

Integrating Salesforce into university tech stacks is more than a technological upgrade. It’s a commitment to enhancing the student experience, ensuring that each student’s journey, like Emma’s, is met with the attention and personalised care it deserves. As we move forward, these tools are set to redefine the landscape of university recruitment and student engagement, marking a new era in higher education.

Salesforce and Trust in the Future of AI-Driven Education

The emergence of Salesforce technology in education highlights an evolving landscape ripe with opportunities and challenges. As we look to the future, integrating AI in education promises to redefine learning experiences, offering both personalised approaches and broader access to resources.

According to a survey, an overwhelming 87% of respondents from educational institutions using AI reported that AI sometimes or always makes final decisions on admissions. This indicates a significant shift towards AI-driven decision-making processes.

However, this transformation is not without its challenges. The ethical implications of AI in education remain a significant concern, with 65% of admissions professionals expressing worry over the ethical use of AI. This includes concerns about bias, privacy, and the potential loss of human touch in critical decision-making processes.

As we envision the future of technology in education, illustrated through Emma’s experience, Salesforce emerges as a beacon of trust and innovation. Salesforce’s suite, including Einstein AI, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, exemplifies how technology can be leveraged to create a more inclusive, efficient, and personalised educational environment.

Salesforce’s commitment to trust, customer success, innovation, and equality aligns perfectly with the needs of the modern educational landscape. For instance, integrating AI in Salesforce products ensures that data-driven decisions are made ethically and transparently. This is crucial, considering the ethical concerns surrounding AI in education. By prioritising trust and transparency, Salesforce sets a standard for how educational institutions can responsibly use AI.

The Future of AI in Education: Opportunities and Challenges

As we contemplate the future of AI in education, a landscape brimming with possibilities and hurdles comes into view. AI’s potential in revolutionising university recruitment and enhancing student interaction is immense. Universities leveraging AI tools have reported improved efficiency in admissions processes and heightened student engagement.


Statistics reveal that AI can significantly streamline recruitment, with many institutions using AI for tasks like reviewing transcripts and letters of recommendation. This trend is not merely about operational efficiency; it’s about creating student-centric environments. AI tools, by offering personalised interactions and support, align universities with the expectations of a digitally savvy generation.


Looking ahead, the role of AI in education is poised to expand further. Institutions that embrace AI stand to gain a competitive edge in global recruitment, tapping into a market where the stakes are high. The global education market is valued in billions, and AI is a critical tool in capitalising on this opportunity.

Admissions managers and educational leaders who recognise the value of AI in creating sustainable and inclusive educational models will lead the way. Those who hesitate risk being left behind in an increasingly competitive and globalised educational landscape.


Therefore, AI’s future in education is not just about technological adoption. It’s about visionary leadership, recognising the transformative power of AI and harnessing it to create educational experiences that are both effective and resonate with the needs of modern students. For Emma and future generations, this could mean a more accessible, personalised, and engaging educational journey shaped by the innovative use of AI.

Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens

This article was written by Jack Stevens, Education Practice Director at Pracedo. Boasting a rich tapestry of experience in Salesforce consulting and account management, Jack's journey has been marked by roles at industry titans like 4C and Salesforce itself. His profound grasp of Salesforce solutions has been a catalyst for business transformation, aiding many enterprises in refining their sales processes and sparking growth through inventive, impactful strategies. Jack's expertise isn't just deep—it's expansive, covering a spectrum from lead generation and customer acquisition to retention and encompassing strategic planning and execution with finesse.

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