Hadiyah Hall's Personal Styling Session

Posted on 2019-11-11 11:01:47

Pracedo consultant, Hadiyah Hall, took part in a personal styling session with Nancy Stevens. Read below about her experiences and what she learnt from the style queen. 

Hadiyah in a Green Dress

What were your thoughts before your personal styling session?
I had no idea what to expect, I pretty much thought I would end up in clothes I wouldn’t otherwise look at or end up with a completely new fashion outlook.

What was your reaction when you first saw the clothes Nancy had picked out for you?
I was shocked at first. I definitely thought a long dress would swallow me up as I am only 5’2 but she definitely has an eye for what she does.

Did you like everything Nancy had picked out for you?
Not everything that was picked would be something I would wear again. The materials, colour and cut of each item was spot on but, some were far from what I would wear every day. I wasn’t sure I would pull it all off outside of the dressing room. I literally took a selfie in everything she put on me though.

Describe your favourite outfit for us?
I loved the trouser, boots and blouse look as it’s something that I would never really put together myself in the same way but it compliments me a lot and makes me look more mature which I love.

Would you recommend a personal styling clinic to others?
I already have! I would definitely recommend a personal styling clinic even if it is just a one off experience because as well as it being a feel good thing, it can really open your eyes on the first impressions you give and could be giving.