Getting Users on Board with Salesforce

Posted on 2019-09-25 13:04:32

Thank you to everyone who attended our insightful coffee morning based around user adoption. User adoption is a common issue for Pracedo and a common problem for our customers. This coffee morning allowed us to share some of our top tips and find out about some sticking points for customers.

You can download our white paper on the issue here!

Malcolm Fleet, of Falcon Group, pointed out that the first step to overcoming user adoption problems was to “accept that the system is designed to make your life easier. Start working with it rather than competing against it.” Salesforce can only fulfil its job if users work alongside it.

Yasemin Kakakurt, a lead consultant at Pracedo, was eager to advise people to “make their initial data collection limited. Having fewer requirements will help people get used to the system. Then during UAT and the initial go-live, you can add further requirements.”

Ermal Cela, of ukactive, built on this point by adding “expand your data collection as soon as users are confident with the system. This stops you having to manually clean data at a later date. Don’t leave it too late.”

There was also an extensive conversation on the need for education when tackling user adoption. Penny Townsend, Pracedo COO, spoke about the importance of having superusers in the company. “Nominating salesforce superusers is useful for getting your whole team to adopt salesforce. As a broad rule, you need one to represent each discreet team or process.” Your salesforce superuser needs to be the right fit for the job. Appoint someone who uses the system regularly and is eager to engage with it.

Kelly Raines, a Pracedo consultant, spoke about how you can “make training fun with competitions, this can be a great incentive. Get superusers to come up with their own metrics and build this into KPI dashboards.”

Our marketing manager and consultant Safiyyah Gareeboo answered a question on how to get people involved with training, “it should come from an integrated approach. Making time for individuals to be trained, running sessions in groups and offering a reward, like the Pracedo lunch and learns, encourages people to get involved with training.” Things like My Trailheads are a good resource but, need to be supplemented by material from the company, personalised training and, onboarding.

Pracedo has developed a white paper around user adoption which you can download here.