Get Started With Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce Trailheads are a great way to get started with Salesforce. They provide guided tours of different features in the software, so you can learn about topics that interest you most. This blog post will teach you about Salesforce Trailhead and show you how to navigate it.

What is a Salesforce Trailhead?

By literal definition, a trailhead is a point where a trail begins. This can be for anything hiking, biking, horseback riding, or off-road vehicles. Just like that, a Salesforce trailhead is your beginning point to learn everything about Salesforce products. No matter what job role you are in, you can learn everything about Salesforce products, development, and even consultation on Salesforce trailhead. There is a Trailhead for almost everything.


Trailheads make your learning easier by dividing themselves across three levels: Trails, Modules and Units. They are prepared as conversational content which will make learning complex topics very easy. They can be in the form of videos, short paragraphs, and even diagrams that explain how things work in Salesforce.


Once you learn something new, you are presented with short quizzes and challenges to test your newly learnt skills. These are in the form of multiple-choice questions and for each correct answer you are awarded 100 new points, 50 when you are wrong once, and 25 when you are wrong more than two times. These points add up to your trailblazer score and allow you to show off certain badges and certificates on your trailblazer profile. But, to attain these certificates, you need to appear for an examination. These certificates are proof of your abilities with Salesforce technology.

Trailblazer Codey the bear and Astro the tanuki

What is a Trailblazer profile?

Salesforce Trailheads can directly be accessed at You can either get started for free by clicking the relevant button, or asking your organisation to provide you with an account (if they have a Salesforce licence). After doing this you’ll have access to a plethora of resources that can allow you to learn something new every day.


Now you need to decide what do you want to learn first. There are several ways you can start with trailheads. It is usually recommended that you start with a Trail. You can access ‘Trails’ by clicking on learn on the homepage. Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.

How to start with Trails?

Let’s say you want to begin with getting an overview on how you can grow faster with CRM. Well lucky you, there is a Trail for it already. It can be accessed directly by searching for it in the top search bar. When you click on one of the search results, you’ll be taken to a page with lots of different modules. Each will have specific learnings and will display an expected time to complete them.


Salesforce also provides an option to build custom trails . This will allow you to choose your own modules that interest you – without needing to follow a pre-defined trail. 


Salesforce does not limit how many times you can go through a Trail. What Salesforce wants is to have people truly understand the material and get an overall understanding of it.

What is a Hands-on Challenge?

Salesforce provides an option to test your skills through a ‘Hands-on Challenge’. A Hands-on Challenge is where you get to test your skills in a more interactive way by performing certain tasks in a dummy Salesforce org. An org is a safe space that allows you to work with Salesforce and its data. These challenges are done in the Trailhead Playground, a place where you can test your skills and customise solutions as per the task assigned to you.

What to do when you encounter a problem?

Salesforce understands that sometimes you may encounter a problem in Trailhead. To help, Salesforce has built the Trailblazer Community. A community of people from every role in an organization with different levels of experience and expertise. As a Trailblazer, you can join these groups and discuss different topics. These groups can be role-based, solution-based, product-based or even interest-based. You are always encouraged to participate in these conversations to learn more about the product, service, share your story or even troubleshoot any problems. You can even look up experienced users and ask them to help you. This also allows you to grow your network as well as learn new things by being a part of the trailblazer community.

Trailhead Help is a designated space for general troubleshooting queries. Here you can find solutions to specific problems as well as also look at active queries from other users. If they have the same question as you, it can be easy for you to look up the solutions that were suggested to them. Trailhead Help is a great tool to access popular articles and topics about Salesforce.

Trailblazer community

Why are Salesforce Trailheads necessary?

When you are investing in Salesforce technology you need to ensure that your teams will get the most out of it. Trailheads enable you to learn and develop skills in Salesforce in the most effective manner. If you are new to Salesforce, our consultants suggest that some basic trailheads of the products offered should be done in order to understand the functionality of the product being implemented.


But don’t stop there. Keep going and explore all the other amazing resources Salesforce has to offer such as YouTube tutorials and Blogs. In this article, we covered just a few of our favourite ways you can learn about Salesforce technology that will help you become adept with their products. This is an easy way for beginners to get started with Salesforce or those who want a refresher on how it works. Trailhead is also great for seasoned users because it can teach you something new that will make your job easier.



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