Five Tips for Choosing Your Salesforce Consulting Partner

Posted on 2015-07-21 15:27:29

When you’ve decided that Salesforce is the right CRM for your organisation the next step is finding the best consulting partner who will meet your needs. Searching for the right Salesforce consulting partner can be a daunting task; as Salesforce continues to rise as the preferred CRM system, more and more consultants crop up every day. But there are a few basic elements to consider that can ease the process and ensure that you find the best partner for you.

1) Client reviews

The best way to predict how your project will turn out is by looking at a consultant’s  track record. Your consultant should receive far more positive reviews than negative; and the best case being no negative reviews at all.

But it’s about more than just quantity; it’s about quality too. What do the positive reviews say about the consultant? Do the reviews include statements about timeliness, efficiency, addressing all needs accurately, the number of projects completed, and training? Specific reviews will give you a good way to know what to expect from a Salesforce consulting partner.

Lastly, look for when the reviews were submitted. Have there been many recent reviews (in the past three months). This is a signifier of something very important: the consultant is still producing excellent work. If the last review was from several months ago, even if it was positive, be wary that the level of service may have changed.

When looking at reviews, make sure that you choose a consultant whose reviews are positive, specific, and current. Head over to the  appexchange to read reviews about your prospective partner.

2) Diversity of clients

The more experience a Salesforce consultant has with diverse clients in different fields, the more expertise they will have in addressing your needs. Because every organisation is different, each project will bring new learning experiences and gained tools. This variety enables your consulting partner to develop the most effective, customised solution for your organisation.

If you’re a small business, you need a consulting partner who understands your needs but also has the resources gained from working with a larger company. The same can be said if you’re a non-profit; consulting partners with experience with both non-profits and for-profit companies will serve you well in the long run.

You can use the consultant’s website or their listing on the  appexchange to learn more about past clients.

3) Certifications

Most Salesforce consulting partners will have certified employees. The thing to look for his how many certifications does each employee hold? Much like looking for a partner with a diversity of client types, you should also look for a partner whose employees hold multiple certifications.

At a minimum, your consultant should hold both Administrator and Developer certifications.

Certified consultants must maintain their credentials three times every year by passing release exams, so you know that they are fully up to date about the latest tools and resources.

You can verify what certifications your consultant holds by searching  here.

4) Values

Working with a consulting partner is personal. How your partner conducts business is just as important as the business itself. Think about how your organization wants to be involved in the project (frequency of communication, approval processes, social responsibility requirements, etc.). Do your needs match how the consultant handles projects? Your organisation’s mission guides how you conduct operations; it should guide with whom you work as well.

Make sure that your values match those of your Salesforce consultant by checking out the mission statement, reading client reviews, researching involvement in the  community, and by asking questions.

5) Longevity

Projects don’t always wrap up neatly after launch and training. Additional needs and technical issues can crop up at any time. You may also have new projects that arise. A good consultant should be available to you even after your project is complete. Make sure that your contract with your partner includes an element of follow-up or support. Also take a look at those client  reviews again to see how many repeat or on-going clients the consultant has.

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– The  Pracedo Team