Expenses on Salesforce | Webinar Highlights

Posted on 2020-03-04 15:24:19

On January 21st, Pracedo hosted a joint webinar with SalesTrip. Together we looked at how you can maximise your Salesforce investment and improve your expense efficiency.

Penny Townsend, from Pracedo, kicked off the event by discussing how the issues of adoption and completeness are common problems for companies using Salesforce. By completeness, Penny means Salesforce users complaining that they have too many systems and don’t know what to log in to for what. SalesTrip can help by making expense logging simple and efficient. ‘Taking an unpleasant experience and simplifying it inside of Salesforce is a strong incentive to get users to log on.’

Doing everything in one place and making a bad process better are powerful arguments to increase adoption

Penny Townsend

Matt Bray, VP Partnerships at SalesTrip, spoke about some of the difficulties surrounding logging expenses, describing the process as ‘time-consuming, frustrating, non-revenue generating and non-productive for both the employee and the employer’. He claimed that manual processes are a big problem which generates additional costs that can impact your organisation.

41% of companies still use a spreadsheet or manual process to submit and reimburse travel expenses

Aberdeen Group

SalesTrip is the only travel-expenses provider built 100% on Salesforce technology. Some highlights of SalesTrip are:

  • SalesTrip improves the logging and management of business expenses, simplifying the user experience and improving user adoption

  • All travel expenses are linked to tangible business activities and outcomes already captured within your CRM

  • Everyone across the business can have real-time insight into whether spend is delivering a good return on investment or not

Included in the webinar was a demonstration where Matt submitted his millage expenses from a recent trip and expenses from a business meal before taking questions from the audience.

You can access a recording of the webinar here!