Salesforce Org Review | The Pracedo Approach

Posted on 2021-01-22 12:22:40

At Pracedo one of the services we offer is our Salesforce Org Review. This is perfect for organisations that already have Salesforce and are looking at ways to optimise their current use, add functionality or identify areas for growth. Our Salesforce Org Review can help you to highlight these areas and build a road map to implementation.

We have a great track record of working with customers where our Salesforce Org Review has helped to transform the way they use their CRM, such as our customer case study with Child’s i Foundation.

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Salesforce Org Reviews are extremely useful for our customers as it helps them to identify areas of improvement for their business systems and processes. They can also find out what improvements they can do themselves, and what they may need further support from us on. For many customers, an Org Review can also help them develop the basis for a business case to transform their technology in a way where they can get the most out of Salesforce and their money!’

Yasemin Karakurt (Pracedo Lead Consultant)

We start this process by spending time with Salesforce users and stakeholders in the company, across a range of departments. This can be done via face to face interviews or remotely. We then spend time exploring the Org with the customer: Walking through the current set up, identifying pain points, and establishing goals. In cases where our customers have already identified an area or department of focus, we can adapt our overall review to drill down into those further, such as the way the Sales or HR team uses Salesforce, instead of the whole Org.

Through interviewing multiple users and stakeholders, this helps us to create a holistic view of the way our Customers use Salesforce. By speaking to multiple people we get an understanding of common issues across teams which helps us to identify obstacles that the wider company might not have been aware of.

Once we collect all our data, we then organise a session where we present back our findings. During this presentation we advise the customer on self-help solutions which they could manage themselves internally, using our traffic light system to help them prioritise the highest value changes with the lowest risk and effort, which gives them the maximum reward for their time.

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We also highlight anything that we believe would best be tackled via project work with Pracedo’s involvement. These are things that might require the technical expertise of a Consultant or be too time-consuming for your internal team to deal with. When we make our recommendations, we work with you to review and prioritise, enabling us to help to price and quote for these projects, and provide future roadmap options.

Salesforce Org Reviews help you to maximise and gain additional value from your investment by providing clear options for optimisation and growth. They can additionally be used to re-engage teams that aren’t using Salesforce to its full potential and improve adoption across the system.

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