Pracedo launches the Pracedo Labs incubator programme

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Pracedo Labs launches, a safe space for Pracedo entrepreneurs to experiment with developing ideas and running a business.


UK, London, 12 May 2021

Pracedo is launching Pracedo Labs, an incubator for entrepreneurial staff, associates, partners to test and launch new projects.


Team members, partners and associates with an entrepreneurial streak will be encouraged to develop their ideas through the Pradeo Labs programme, which promises to give them support, access, and resources to help their ideas grow.


“At Pracedo, we create powerful partnerships that help our customers and employees to grow. A huge part of this is our investment is both the personal and professional development of our teams. It’s not just about building growth, it’s actually about building futures. We are committed to supporting our employees, our ecosystem and our partner, Salesforce, with meaningful work that will not only impact the future of our industry but of our lives,” said Matt Schutz, CEO of Pracedo. “We are actively seeking to support the next generation of Salesforce users by shaping the future of its products.”


The concept stems from Salesforce products that are available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Pracedo will help entrepreneurial staff to invent their own apps without risk by experimenting with products and adding them to the AppExchange.


The Pracedo Labs launch will take place on 27th May online, where guest speakers from The Mashfrog Group, Salesforce, Bidstack and The Homeless Link will share their experiences of launching, scaling and investing in Salesforce businesses with entrepreneurial staff, pathfinders and customers.

The incubator will provide the programme participants with a collaborative work environment and invaluable business resources, including dedicated time to work on projects. Each participant will also have the opportunity to learn from key business leaders in the Pracedo network who will share their insight into growing a business from startup to scale up.


About Pracedo

Pracedo is an award-winning Platinum Partner that delivers Salesforce implementations to non-profits, NGOs, and enterprise customers worldwide.

Pracedo builds powerful partnerships with customers that have the ability to affect more than just revenues. Because for Pracedo, it’s personal. Everything Pracedo does is powered by its unique purpose, which puts people at the heart of their work. That’s why Pracedo pledge to give 1% of their product, time, and profits to improve communities around the world.



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