Pracedo labs launch


Join us to celebrate the launch of Pracedo Labs, an incubator for entrepreneurial staff, associates and partners to test and launch new projects on the Salesforce Appexchange, or seek investment.

The Launch Day

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Entrepreneurs, pathfinders and customers are invited to the Pracedo Labs launch event where speakers will share their experiences, challenges and tips on how to build a successful Salesforce startup.


May 2021

The Speakers

Join us for the virtual launch and get inspired
by Salesforce ecosystem innovators

Matt Schutz

CEO and Founder of Pracedo

A purpose-driven leader who believes business should build better futures.

Edoardo Narduzzi

Investor and Entrepreneur

A successful investor and entrepreneur with a career launching, scaling and exiting tech companies including NETikos, ProxyItalia, Techedge Spa and The Mashfrog Group.

Penny Townsend

COO at Pracedo

10-year Salesforce eco-system veteran and previous MD of Conga. Penny holds unique insight into the Salesforce ecosystem and the opportunities it presents for Partners.

Shahed Miah

8x Certified Salesforce Architect

Shahed birthed the concept for Pracedo Labs and has been working at Pracedo developing apps on the Salesforce Platform to strive for innovation and technical advancement.

Matt Harrison

Deputy CEO of Homeless Link & In-form

Matt dedicated his career to helping to eradicate homelessness, and using information and technology to improve the services that homeless people receive.

Michaela McGill

Partner Manager, Pathfinder Training Program at Salesforce

Michaela trains the next generation of Trailblazers in the Salesforce ecosystem through the Pathfinder Training Program and is passionate about creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals in tech

Michaela McGill Salesforce v2
Jonathan Corrie

CEO & Co-Founder of Precursive

Jonathan co-founded the Salesforce PSA App, Precursive. Prior to this, he was a senior director with Gartner, where he advised technology companies such as CGI, Ericsson, Panasonic, Telia and Vodafone on their sales and commercial strategy.

Jonathan Corrie - Precursive - Pracedo labs Salesforce Consultancy
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The Sessions

Session 1

The Birth Of Pracedo Labs

With Penny Townsend, COO of Pracedo and Shahed Miah, Developer at Pracedo

Session 2

Creating Tech For Good 

With Matt Harrison, Deputy CEO of Homeless Link

Session 3

Tips For Successfully Launching A Startup

With Matt Schutz, Founder and CEO of Pracedo

Session 4

What Investors Look For In A Salesforce Startup

With Edoardo Narduzzi, Avid Investor and Founder and Chairman of Mashfrog Group

Session 5

Building Your Future Salesforce Team

With Michaela McGill, Partner Manager - Partner Training Program at Salesforce

Session 6

Closing the Air Gap between Teams by Adopting a Customer Success Mindset

With Jonathan Corrie, CEO and Co-Founder of Salesforce PSA App, Precursive

Build, Grow And Launch Ideas On The Salesforce Appexchange

Empowering Innovators

The Pracedo Labs Program will empower entrepreneurs to accelerate their product development and growth by giving them access to time, talent and technology they need to grow their business ideas.


Pracedo Labs entrepreneurs give suggestions for apps.


Ideas are upvoted for development


Upvoted ideas are built, released and refined

Ideas In Development

Email Zapper

Ensure dummy data is data breach free

Coming soon

Join Us For The Virtual Launch Event

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