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Tune Into The Tech & Equality Podcast

Tech and equality podcast

New from the Pracedo network: This podcast explores the role of tech in creating safe spaces, amplifying ideas and addressing inequality. Host Jess Thompson, Marketing Manager at Pracedo and equality advocate, is on a mission to learn from industry leader’s experience around equality and technology. Join us for a series of candid discussions around race, sexuality and technology. Grow with Pracedo as we explore the impact of true digital transformation.

Listen now on your preferred app, or click the play button below to stream here

Episode 1: Finding Community With Chris Wood, Founder of LGBT Tech

In this episode, Chris Wood, the founder of the LGBT Technology Partnership and LGBT Technology Institute, joins us to talk about the LGBTQ+ experience, how technology supports self-discovery, the creation of communities, and how he aspires to achieve equality through research, awareness, and access.

Stay tuned for the next podcast releases where we speak to Flavilla Fongang, Founder of Tech London Advocates – Black Women In Tech and Monique Jackson, Founder of Still Ill Corona Diaries.


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