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Manage terms & recognise revenue

Add terms with ease and report on revenue, quotes, orders, invoices, and payments with Salesforce CPQ and Billing.​

Integrate apps

Use custom and partner apps from the AppExchange to upgrade your customer lifecycle management.

Create accurate quotes at speed​

Salesforce offers a streamlined pricing, discounting and approvals system to help you spend less time in spreadsheets and emails.​

Send branded proposals with ease​

Send branded proposals and ensure your customers get a seamless experience.

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Pracedo is one of only nine global partners, and one of two partners in Europe to achieve the specialist certification for the Salesforce Revenue Cloud’s Billing platform. Start your Salesforce journey and select Pracedo as your partner for success.

The Benefits Of CPQ & Billing

Salesforce CPQ and Billing streamlines your data so that when it comes to quoting an accurate price, you’ll be ready at the click of a button.

With CPQ, you have the power to automate the quote process. This dramatically reduces the time that it usually takes to create contracts. 

Configure price quote (CPQ) software streamlines your contract process, by ensuring your data is ready and up to date. That means that you’ll never have to search for up to date costs because with Salesforce CPQ your pricing is always accurate – removing all room for error.

Create a prompt that asks salespeople about the kind of products they want to include in a quote when they’re adding items. Salesforce CPQ analyses their replies and adds a list of the products that match their responses to the Add Products page. This is referred to as “guided selling.”

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