Interaction Studio | Pracedo’s an Official Partner

Posted on 2021-02-19 10:57:59

In February 2021 Pracedo officially earned our status as an approved Interaction Studio partner. This means we are now one of the few partners in the ecosystem that has completed the relevant training and can lead implementations for this new technology.

What is Interaction Studio?
Interaction Studio is part of the Marketing Cloud family and enables you to have highly personalised engagement with your customers regardless of their touchpoint. This gives you a 360-degree customer view required to deliver your best customer service and engagement.

Interaction Studio Test Group

One of the key features of Interaction Studio is how it connects customer data from multiple sources in real-time. Whether it’s from an email, mobile activity, a purchase from your web store, or even a visit to your physical location, Interaction Studio acknowledges online and offline activity and interprets your customer’s habits to understand intent. It achieves this by:

Listening to how customers interact with your brand across channels.

Understanding what to do next based on rules set by the business.

Acting on insights gathered to provide customers with the best experience

All this information is then stored in a unified actionable system where your customised AI can deliver the most relevant experience, such as sending appropriate promotions, discounts, or other helpful content, taking everything you know about the customer into consideration.

Once you’re using Interaction Studio to deliver this personalised experience for your customers you can continue to tweak the process by testing and analysing the results. You can use native reports or incorporate tools like Tableau or Datorama to help review the performance of your new personalised campaigns.

How did we become a certified partner?
The Pracedo Marketing Cloud team completed a series of training sessions and tests to demonstrate their expertise in Interaction Studio. This training covered topics from best practice implementation right through to understanding the business value it adds to our customer’s organisations.

What does this mean for our customers?
Interaction Studio can help your team get even more from your Marketing Cloud and increase personalisation by combining your new data with Einstein. It gives you brand new insight into your customer’s engagements across your brand and this deeper understanding of your customers and prospects improves your engagement rate, conversion rate, and customer loyalty.

You now have the perfect partner to help you implement Interaction Studio! We can combine our extensive Marketing Cloud experience with our new certified Interaction Studio partner status to help you take your business to the next level.