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The Challenge

MessageBird is an omnichannel communications platform that uses Apps and API’s to help businesses communicate with their customers


MessageBird previously tracked data on Google spreadsheets and had no formal strategy or dedicated CRM system for managing end-to-end processes for different teams. They required a single source of truth for lead and client data that could be used by both the sales team and the newly formed ‘supplier managers’ group, who worked to improve profit margins.


  • The business had outgrown its existing lead generation setup.

  • The new ‘supplier managers’ team had a complex work process that could not be managed by the existing setup.

  • The sales team wanted to develop add automation to their sales process, to increase efficiency and ensure that different approval processes could be catered to.

  • There was no single source of truth around lead vs existing customer data.

  • The product suite they were previously using had many lead tracking inefficiencies and room for error.

  • A lack of formalised customer data, meant there was no 360° view of customers.

  • Poor data was leading to inaccurate forecasting and reports. There was not much visibility across teams.

Messagebird header Case study Salesforce Sales Cloud 2

The Solution

Pracedo investigated MessageBirds’ needs and determined that Salesforce Sales Cloud was an excellent solution to formalise sales and supplier management procedures, automate operations, improve reporting, visibility, and ensure the long-term success of their business.

Messagebird header Case study Salesforce Sales Cloud 3

Pracedo implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and configured two different workflows for sales and supplier management. This meant that the business would have one source of truth, and a complete view of 360° customer data and the lead process.

Business processes were formalised and efficiencies were increased with automations. Approval processes were built into Sales Cloud, with minimum data requirements, so that customer data would be improved and best practice would be increased.

Messagebird header Case study Salesforce Sales Cloud 3

Salesforce Sales Cloud’s advanced reporting increased visibility and increased accurate forecasting. This empowered management with smarter decision making. To ensure that the implementation was a success, the MessageBird team had training on how to deliver success on the platform and post-live support.

The Impact

Now MessageBird has a single source of truth, scalable business processes and a CRM software that can meet the demands of various departments (sales and supplier managers). They also have full visibility of the full customer lifecycle and a 360-degree view of their customers.


  • Pracedo helped to enhance data quality by creating a locked-stages approval procedure.
  • With this future-proofed approach, they are now able to generate and track end business processes.
  • They now benefit from formalised approvals processes and automate operations.
  • The new customer data helped MessageBird to increase their reporting, customer insight and even assess why some transactions weren’t successfully completed.
  • Accurate data has resulted in better forecasting and reporting, along with increased visibility across the business

If you are a tech company, in need of a single source of truth for your lead data, then get in touch to see Pracedo can help your business thrive.

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