Child’s i Foundation #PowerUp! with Pracedo

Child’s i Foundation is a charity in Uganda that helps reunite orphaned children with their own families where possible and finds loving, Ugandan adoptive or foster families where the child’s own family cannot be found or is unsafe. Child’s i help repurpose orphanages into community hub centres that provide services that prevent family separation in the first place.



They started using Salesforce in 2015 but, soon after implementation, changes in staff meant that they lacked the skills and knowledge on how to maintain it. This lead to Salesforce not being used. As the team continued to grow the need for a system which allowed both the UK and the Ugandan teams to track their fundraising campaigns was needed more than ever.



Pracedo worked with Child’s i providing them with the skills and resources they needed to be able to manage Salesforce themselves. They benefited from an org review which allowed Pracedo to spend time examining their Salesforce and their objectives to produce very specific recommendations. These were focused around self-help and things that they could work on independently.



Salesforce now acts as a fully functioning fundraising tool, giving the team more time to spend raising money which allows Child’s i to continue their invaluable work.



’What I really enjoyed about this project the most was that instead of then giving us a pre-made solution to the problem, they actually taught us how to do the work ourselves.’

Paula Alionyte (Relationships Manager)

Customer Success

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