Salesforce Talent Alliance | Breaking Barriers in Tech

Posted on 2020-10-12 10:48:08

The Salesforce Talent Alliance is a new partnership between Salesforce and ecosystem employers to support the next generation of Trailblazer talent. The alliance focuses heavily on breaking down barriers and encouraging diversity to help fulfil the 4.2million expected Salesforce jobs by 2024.

Pracedo is a proud member of the Salesforce Talent Alliance, which means we commit to creating a culture of inclusion, a fair and equitable hiring process, removing bias from job descriptions and building a diverse talent pool that reflects our community.

Recently Pracedo took part in a webinar where we explained why we joined the Salesforce Talent Alliance. Click here to watch a recording from the webinar or read our experiences below.

We joined the Salesforce Talent Alliance as a way of formalising and aligning what we were already doing on a number of initiatives, such as our apprenticeship programme, with Salesforce’s objectives around growing diversity in the ecosystem. 

So far we’ve been able to interview great candidates we might not have been able to otherwise and hired our first new starter through the scheme to help us create a diversity of thought. It is especially important, as a consultancy, to provide innovative solutions for our customers and inject new ideas and thoughts into the organisation.

At Pracedo, we’ve had a lot of success by prioritising culture and ethos throughout the organisation. We’ve clearly stated our values around diversity and made them part of our DNA. This impacts how we operate on every level, including throughout our projects.

Our focus on improving diversity didn’t stop with recruitment. We also run programmes internally and with 3rd parties. This year, we were particularly proud to develop our women’s programme. We have 16 women in our consultancy team who all operate very strongly as a unit of women working together, and we are planning to deliver more programmes around developing their confidence and ability to be successful.

The Pracedo Ladies

On top of this, we continue to work with LDN Apprenticeships who have a social mission to offer apprenticeships to individuals from diverse backgrounds. This helps to bring a breadth of people and talent into the organisation that have the opportunity to grow with us. We continue to use this ethos when promoting from within and these individuals go on to become our future managers and hire a more diverse group of people themselves.

The Salesforce Talent Alliance and Pracedo's Logos

An approach like this is going to be mutually beneficial for both you and the individuals you hire. For example, one of our developers who started with no experience in Salesforce and no experience in development is now one of our leading developers. This mutually beneficial path to success is something we’ve found really helps our customers.

Diversity and inclusivity aren’t just about doing the right thing. They’re absolutely vital to the success of our business and our projects. This is especially true in the Salesforce space because ultimately every project that we deliver is about people. We go into an organisation and need to understand individuals jobs, their day to day, what their work processes are like and how they’re collaborating. We need to understand those people really well and the more diverse workforce we have, the more effectively we’re going to be able to understand those customers, both on a corporate and an individual level, in order to deliver successful Salesforce projects. That for us is the key reason for joining the Salesforce Talent Alliance.

Watch the recording below.