Salesforce CMS (Content Management System)

Posted on 2021-02-11 12:02:50

What is Salesforce CMS?

Released in Winter ‘20, Salesforce CMS (Content Management System) brings the powerful capabilities of a CMS onto the core platform. This new CMS platform brings you the ability to create, manage, and share CMS content that is connected to your customer’s data.

Salesforce CMS takes the time-consuming tasks of coordinating content and simplifies it using Collections, Topics and Folders in a unified Salesforce UI. This means you can create content and share it seamlessly across channels, including your Salesforce community portal, marketing emails, social channels, or 3rd party sites. The connected nature of Salesforce CMS means that the data in your Salesforce org can be leveraged to personalise and tailor content relevant to your audience’s engagement with your organisation.

Who should use Salesforce CMS?

Organisations looking to take their customer, member, volunteer, or constituent engagement to the next level through, beautiful and personalised content. Salesforce CMS can augment your existing Salesforce community, CMS (such as Drupal or WordPress), or marketing channels. Nonprofits and commercial organisations alike can benefit from bringing this feature into their tool chest, the use cases are endless.

Why Salesforce CMS?

One of the most exciting things about this new product is the ability to personalise each piece of CMS content leveraging the customer data you’ve already collected in your org by using Audiences. This lets you tailor the content on a page based on a customers location, role within your organisation, stage in their lifecycle. or completely change your website’s featured image based on the viewer’s primary product of interest. This takes your customer data to a whole new level and maximises your Salesforce investment.

Salesforce CMS Assign Audience

Customers expect a truly omni-channel experience, now more than ever. With traditional CMS this can be difficult to achieve as they are designed around a single touchpoint such as a website. Salesforce CMS is different because it’s been designed with this customer expectation in mind. The wide array of channels the CMS serves and the high level of personalisation possible can create a seamless and consistent customer experience regardless of the touchpoint.

‘78% of customers expect consistent experiences across departments.’

The customer experience isn’t the only thing that can be personalised. Users have control over how they use their CMS. Whether you prefer clicks or code, or you’re a novice or an expert, Salesforce CMS is accessible for all. Pre-built templates make it easy for you to create and manage content with clicks, while custom code can be used with Heroku. This makes the user experience simple and fast. You also have the power to quickly modify assets from inside the CMS to improve efficiencies and the digital experience of your customers.

Content is easily created within the Salesforce UI in just a few clicks:

Salesforce CMS Content Tab
Salesforce CMS Blog Creation tab

CMS content is easily dragged and dropped onto your Salesforce community portal pages use the out-of-the-box Lightning components:

The Components tab

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