Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) and Zoom Integration | Enhance your Virtual Events

Posted on 2020-09-30 10:02:21

During the global pandemic, more and more organisations were looking to Zoom to run virtual events. At Pracedo we were no different and thanks to the seamless MC Account Engagement and Zoom Integration we managed to run an active events program despite being in lockdown. You can watch all our webinars here!

The MC Account Engagement and Zoom Integration lets you use Zoom landing pages and pull prospect information directly into MC Account Engagement.

There are two ways you can achieve this, either by using MC Account Engagement Form Handlers or MC Account Engagement Lists. Today we will be looking at the Form Handler Solution.

Look out for our future blog to learn how to set up the MC Account Engagement and Zoom Connector with Lists.

Form Handlers

A Zoom Webinar License
MC Account Engagement Admin Permissions

First, you need to create your webinar as normal. Zoom has created a helpful guide on getting started with your first webinar, which you can view here.

When this step is done you need to go down to the ‘Invitation’ section and under ‘Approvals’ click ‘Edit’.

Pardot and Zoom Integration showing the invitation tab

This is where you map your fields. It is important to have a plan for what fields are going to be in your form before clicking on this page, to make sure you have the same ones across Zoom and MC Account Engagement. If the fields don’t match exactly this process won’t work.

Don’t forget to make the same fields required in both as well.

Pardot and Zoom Integration showing how to select form fields

You can also make the most of ‘Custom Fields’ which allows you to map across fields that don’t already exist in MC Account Engagement or Zoom. Once again make sure you create the same questions in both.

Once done, move across to the ‘More’ tab and select ‘Configure’ on the ‘Generate Prospects in MC Account Engagement via Form Handlers’ selection.

Pardot and Zoom Integration Showing the navigation bar

This is the time when you want to create your form handler inside of MC Account Engagement. This process is exactly the same as if you were creating a form handler for anything else. If you are new to form handlers you can follow the Salesforce intro here!

Once you’ve got your form handler link you want to copy and paste it across. You’ll need to do this for both the ‘Register URL’ and ‘Attendee URL’ to have Zoom automatically update who attends the webinar.

Pardot and Zoom Integration Showing the Form Handler Page

This is how you can use the MC Account Engagement and Zoom Integration to run your virtual events use Form Handlers. New prospects will be automatically created in MC Account Engagement and Zoom will track who attends and who misses your webinar to allow for tailored retargeting.

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