Our Top 3 Picks for Salesforce Live

Posted on 2020-10-09 10:18:25

On Tuesday the 13th of October, Salesforce Live will be highlighting and showcasing the best Trailblazers across the UK and Ireland, who are using Salesforce to enhance and elevate their Businesses. With such a full agenda of Industry SME sessions, Product Innovation keynotes, demo breakout rooms and a fantastic line up of speakers we at Pracedo have had a tough time shortlisting the must-see’s, but we’ve done it, our Top 3 picks for Salesforce Live are:

1: ‘The session I won’t be missing is ‘Sell From Anywhere And Drive A More Agile Sales Operation’ with Simon Gilks from GoCardless, and Sylvia Wong and Niccolò Zapponi from Salesforce. As a sales leader, I’m looking forward to hearing about how others are navigating challenges being thrown at us at the moment, and looking to see where we can bring efficiencies to processes playing out in a rapidly changing environment. My mission is to understand how I can bring more consistency and confidence to not only our customers but also to my team, both through leveraging the platform and through thought leadership and learnings from outside my industry.’

Ellie Copp, Sales & Marketing Director

2: ‘My recommendation is the 11 am Product Innovation session with Joanna Williams and Sophie Crosby: ‘Leveraging the Power of Marketing Intelligence for Efficient Marketing‘. Quite simply because Marketing today is not about how pretty your emails are etc, it’s about how good your data is, what can you leverage with it and where organisations are falling short. This session is unmissable for me, because data is key in any Marketing strategy nowadays, and you are blind without good data’

JJ Dominguez Corral, Marketing Cloud Lead

3: ‘My recommendation the ‘Fire up Growth in Telco by Boosting Sales and Customer Satisfaction‘ session with Kerry Small, James Eibisch and Vicky Nisbet. As a consultant, I’m looking forward to hearing how Vodafone changed their business process and reflected this within Salesforce to grow customer value and increase their revenue. We are regularly working on projects to improve business processes, increase revenue and customer value for our clients so it will be really interesting to find out how Vodafone achieved this, so we can take this into account for any future projects. It’s always helpful to see how others have implemented Salesforce and achieved their requirements so that we can also use some of these solutions in practice for future projects.’

Yasemine Karakurt, Salesforce Lead Consultant.

If our Top 3 Picks for Salesforce Live aren’t enough to pique your curiosity, Salesforce has also created a hub of industry-specific Trailmaps and highlights. So whether you a team of 5 in a Startup or an established business of over 5,000 employees, looking to drive innovation and up-level your customer success within the world of; Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Communications, Business Services, Transport, Travel and hospitality, SME’s, Consumer Goods, Media, High Tech, Public sector, High tech or Utilities- Salesforce has got you covered.

We can always recommend the musical act at the end of the event to be truly spectacular. This year, Salesforce has booked none other than Mr Craig David, to close out proceedings, I’ve got my ticket!

The event is free to register for, so if you haven’t yet booked your slot hurry and do so here.